How do you tell your kids that someone in their life has passed away?

Grieving child


My mom was diagnosed with cancer then she passed away less than 6 days later. Telling my kids that their grandmother died was very hard, but it had to be done.

When my oldest child was born, we lived with my parents. That was 15 years ago. I was only 18 and was just out of high school. My parents took a large part in the parenting of my children while they were alive. Living in the same home with grandparents makes lines blur when it comes to parenting/grand -parenting rolls. My kids were always closer to my mom and dad than my nephew who lived 2 hours away from them.

When my youngest daughter was born we moved back into the home with my mom and dad. It was very hard for me to go back home, but for everyone’s safety both mentally and physically it was something that I knew must be done. For 6 months I had much more help than I’d have with the kids for years. If I needed a good night’s rest after being up with the kids night after night, my parents would take one or more of the kids for me to sleep. It really helped me a lot, as a single mom.

A few days before my daughter’s 6-month birthday, my dad was hospitalized and later passed away. My mother drove me to my ex’s house to tell the kids.

How do you tell 4 and 2 year olds that they will never see their grandfather again?
You just do it the best that you know how. Explain to them that their grandfather is in heaven with Jesus. That was what my kids understood more than anything. I was a lot more upset than the kids were when they were that age and lost a grandparent.
Fast forward 10 years and I had gained a husband and 2 step kids when my mother passed away.
I didn’t tell my kids that my mother had cancer until Sunday night before she passed away at 3am on Tuesday. The kids came down to the hospital to see her because she had been asking for them. She was not really mentally at herself that night. She talked to the kids a little, but would fall asleep mid-sentence. She told them all that she loved them and after a few hours of staying with her, they left to go back home.
The next morning my younger kids did not want to go to school because they were worried about their grandmother. My oldest lives with his dad, and he was convinced that my mother would be better. My husband had let his 2 kids know about my mother’s condition by phone. It was so hard on all of us, because we couldn’t all be together.
The next day my husband and I stayed with my mom in the hospital. The later that it got, we decided not to go home because my mother’s condition was getting much worse by the hour. I got to see my mother through her last minutes of life, but the worst thing for me was telling my kids what happened.
At 3am she was pronounced dead and I went to call my oldest son. His dad and I do not have the best relationship, and my 15 year old and I struggle very hard in our relationship because of a lot of the same reasons. So calling his dad to tell him to wake up my son was really hard for me to do emotionally on many, many different levels. It took a few phone calls to get through, but once I did and got to speak to my son it was very hard to tell him what actually happened. No one was looking for this so early. My son took it very well and stayed out of school the next day.
I decided not to tell the younger 2 kids until we made it home. They were staying with my aunt for the night. I woke them up from their slumber and gave them the worst news they had ever had to receive, since my son was 2 years old and my daughter was too young to really remember.
There were a lot of tears from everyone, including my aunt and my older cousin who was there. All in aIl my 13 and 10 year old took things fairly well. They had seen my mom at her worst, and told me that she was with Paw Paw looking down at them. It’s very comforting to know that they are strong in their faith.
My husband had to tell his kids about the bad news over the phone. All I can say is that my husband is a saint for how he handled everything. They were very upset, as they had lost other people that they were close to over the last few years, and really understood the deep grief better than my kids did when we told them. My step daughter was very emotional, and my husband handled it very well from the phone, reminding her of her step-grandmother’s salvation and that we will indeed get to see her again one day.
I don’t know that we handled telling our kids about the death of their grandparents in the correct manner. In fact, I don’t believe there is a correct manner to tell anyone that someone passed away. These days you read about family passing away on Facebook, which is one reason that I called my son at 3am instead of letting him wake up and read it online. I wanted to be the one that told him, not his phone screen or even his dad. This was something personal.
If you ever need to tell your child or step child about the passing of someone close, the first thing to do is to ask for Jesus to speak through you so that you can say what that child needs to hear. Then try to stay as calm as you possibly can, so that the child(ren) will know that you can still be their safety net when something goes wrong. I believe that those are the 2 most important things to do in the event you need to tell any child, or even adult that someone close to them has passed away.
I pray today, that you are filled with wisdom when and if you are ever put into this situation. It is not something that I wish on anyone, but it does happen to the most of us. Try to prepare now about how you would tell your kids something devastating. Ask for wisdom now instead of waiting.

A Year to be Thankful


This week we give thanks to the Lord for all that he has given us. What are you thankful for that you normally wouldn’t even think about?

I want to give thanks for my mother who passed away 2 weeks ago. She was such a special woman for me and my family. When I was single for all of those years, she kept my little family together in more ways that I can say. Having someone to lean on in my worst times was something that I cannot thank God enough for.

The past year had been one of my families worst. We have been in two different court systems for custody of all of our kids.  I cannot tell you how many sleepless nights we have had this year. At one point I thought that we were being punished. Now, although we are not finished with court, I thank God for our struggles. It has made me appreciate my children, step children, my husband, my marriage and those families and friends that I have found are truly on our side.

For all of these things I give thanks.

When things are tough, you learn how to do things that you never knew that you could do. My husband was on temporary disability for 6 months, and it took 8 weeks to get the first check. Budgeting became something that we had to rely on. How do you feed 2 adults and 4 kids on $50 for several days? Its hard, I won’t lie to you, but where there is a God there is a way! I am thankful that we learned to stretch our dollars as far as possible, and when they didn’t go far enough, we had amazing family and friends that helped us when we couldn’t help ourselves. Thank you God!

I am so very thankful for our health. Other than some accidents that all kids have from time to time, our kids have had only one sick child visit in almost 2 years. I thank God for our health and for guiding me toward using essential oils to keep my family healthy.

Through all of this struggle i have still managed to keep my sanity! I cannot tell you that it was easy, and its even harder after loosing my mother. I know that when I gave up stress for Lent, it prepared me for what I went through. I cannot say that I did not have stress, but I did have the skills to cope with the stress that I have never had before. I didn’t give it all to God before as I do now. I know that my God is in control  no matter what happens in my life. I give thanks for this!

What I want you to remember is that no matter how hard your life gets, look for something to be thankful for each day. God has given us life! He has given his son for our salvation! Be thankful this week as we remember  all of these things, but also be thankful each day as we go forward through the holiday season and beyond.

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5 tips to a stress free holiday for the blended family.





When there are step children and step parents involved things get a lot more complicated, but when you throw in the extended step families, holidays can get downright chaotic.

  1. Make sure that you have a calendar with all of the dates and times of the events that your family has coming up over the holidays. Be sure to mark school, church events, special movies and most especially when you will have the kids. Share this information with grandparents, aunts, uncles and the other set(s) of parents and step parents.
  2. Talk with your spouse about what the most important things are for each person in your family to attend. Sometimes you need to be in one place while the other parent is in another place. This happens a lot more often with kids in separate school districts. Some things you will not be able to attend, but make sure that the kids all understand what you can, and cannot attend up front. If you are not sure if you can attend, let it be a surprise instead of disappointing the kids. If you have grandparents nearby involve them in activities that you may not be able to make the date. Grandparents love being involved with their grandkids.
  3. Talk to the kids about what’s important to them. You may have wanted to plan a night of caroling or viewing Christmas lights, but if the kids would rather stay in and have cocoa and watch a Christmas special a family night at home may be what you all need at a busy time. Kids, especially those who don’t live with you most of the time, want to spend time with you, and could care less if it’s a “big deal” as long as you put in time with them.
  4. If you or your kids feel like one relative or group of relatives treats the step kids differently when it comes to gift giving, than they do with their blood relatives, ask for a new tradition of going to an event together, family passes to a theme park, or just not exchange gifts. No one wants to feel like they aren’t being treated the same as their peers, especially when it comes to blended families.
  5. Make new traditions while preserving the traditions that the whole family enjoys. Maybe your kids enjoyed the tradition of chopping down their own tree each year before your divorce, if this isn’t possible for your blended family pick something new to try out like making a Christmas video for the family blog.

No matter what you do this holiday season, be sure to include the kids in your decisions. Whether it is what they want on the menu for Thanksgiving, or if they would like to go to their grandparents church service to be near their other parent, let them have a voice in your blended family.

How to grieve.



Have you lost someone important in your life? It is very natural to grieve, yet there are as many different ways to grieve as there are people who are grieving. I want to share with you something a little different than what society acknowledges as grieving.

My mother passed away last week.  It was something that will change my life forever as it did when my mother’s mother passed away when I was 16. I watched my mother as she grieved. Her sisters were very concerned because my mother didn’t grieve as they had expected.

I learned that wallowing in grief is not healthy. I’ve done it, for many years I grieved over my father and other things that I lost in my life.  I cried so many hours of my life, over things that I could not change. No matter how many tears you shed, you cannot bring someone back from death.

In 2002 I became clinically depressed after my father passed away. As a single mother of 3 very small children, I had moved back in with my parents. So my father’s absence was very profound.  Working full time and struggling to pay the bills was not at the forefront of my mind, it was my loss. I never once thought about my father’s gain.

My mother did not show outward emotion, crying or screaming…or much of anything when her mother passed away. She had watched her health crumble for many, many months before my grandmother went to heaven.  My mother knew that my grandmother was in heaven with Jesus, and not suffering to do simple tasks like speak.

Because of my mother’s reaction, my aunts kept a very close eye on her. Believing that she would fall apart and have an emotional breakdown at some point, but she did not. My mother was strong yes, but she was also very honest with herself and others about how she felt with her mother passed. She knew that there was no reason to be upset that her mother was in a better place. Did she rejoice? I can’t go as far as to say that she did rejoice, but I know that’s what she was trying to do.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer, stage 4. We don’t know where it started, but we knew it was bad. We knew that there was no cure. I don’t know when my mother wrote this prayer, but its very rewarding to know that she understood fully what was happening to her body, and with her soul.  I want to share this prayer with you:

Dear Jesus,
I’m up tonight thinking about things that I cannot fix, nor neither can
I change.  Jesus all I can do is put my trust in you.  I guess Jesus,
when there are no other place to go, no one to turn to it is time to
trust that you will take over.  I’m at my wits end.  My back is against
the wall, Jesus I love you.


This gave me the strength to accept my mother’s fate and too know that she accepted her fate. Only a few days later we had her funeral.

I have cried over my loss. The feeling of being an orphan was overwhelming. Over the loss that my kids will have to face that they do not understand, that I did not understand as an adult when my father passed away.

What I haven’t done, is given over to grief. Someone mentioned on my facebook wall that the Bible says to give yourself 7 days to grieve. I did find a little something in a quick search about Job being given 7 days to grieve. But I haven’t done a lot of research here. But I understand the concept. I will try to explain.

When I decided to become a psychology major, I subscribed to Psychology today.  One of the articles that I read was about giving yourself 2 days to grieve, plot revenge, and just be angry after a breakup. After 48 hours, you are to put it behind you, and put yourself first so that you can move forward.

I believe that this is what you should do when you lose a loved one also. Give yourself time to grieve, but celebrate their life also. I know that there will be days that will be so hard you don’t’ think that you can move on, but that is when you must cling to your faith and your God. Know that he has a plan for you, and that it includes what you are going through in that moment.

I won’t tell you to only take 7 days to grieve, I don’t’ think there is a one size fits all answer to grieving. What I will tell you is that God does not want you living in the past. Your loved ones do not want you living in the past either.

Do what you can to move forward, even if you stumble and take a few steps backwards. Keep your momentum going forward. When you need someone to talk to, talk to them. When you need an hour to cry or scream, do just that. But don’t feel sorry for your loved one who you know is with Jesus, try to rejoice!

I will leave you with this video of how my mother celebrated life. My mother lived with constant pain for over 20 years, and when this was video was taken; she was suffering with C. Diff. Colitis along with many other things. I know that this is what she is doing in heaven!

What have you accomplished lately?

As a housewife, do you have a sense of accomplishment? Do you feel like your husband provides everything for your family, and you just clean up all of the messes left behind?

You may feel accomplished by getting out of bed at a decent time, or making a wonderful dinner for your husband. I know that as a WAHM, I need that “W” work for me to feel as if I have accomplished anything during any given time.

Living as a single, self sufficient mother for many years, its HARD to feel accomplishment by just sitting around home all day. Even if that sitting around home includes shuttling kids to and from school, helping with homework, cleaning house, mending clothes or any of those every day tasks that we are use to as moms. When I don’t feel like I am doing something for those outside of my home or helping my family financially, I don’t feel accomplishment.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to put into a business at home. Let me rephrase that. It doesn’t take a lot of time, if you do things right. An hour here  and there throughout the week can bring in hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your home. Its all about finding what’s right for you.

For me its working with a team of Young Living distributors and talking about and on Social Media during the day. A few minutes a day…not all day. I have made money online in many different ways, but I haven’t always loved my job. Why work from home doing something that you don’t like? Well I did for years, until I found my place.

What do I do all week? I talk to people like you! Mostly housewives with kids. I talk to them on Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest,  by email and through my blog. That’s really all that I do. Most people think that I must sit at home online all day, working hard and getting a headache from my computer screen. Nope. Most of the time I don’t even turn on my computer! My iPhone is my best friend.

I sit at football practice and tweet, I Facebook from cheer practice. I connect with business partners while I’m in the checkout line. It only takes a few minutes a day, and I don’t miss anything that my kids are doing because I have to work. And for someone who use to work every weekend and miss almost every event, this mama appreciates her job that travels everywhere.

Next weekend I will be traveling to Orlando with a great group of business leaders, to learn how to do more from my smartphone so that I don’t miss the big game, or my daughter’s first dance. Gone is the day of sitting in front of a computer screen or making calls to potential customers every day.

Its a new day and age. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one. If you have one, you are ready to start working from home in only a few minutes each day. Are you watching me on Facebook or getting me in your email each week? Do it now!

Essential Oils For Sleep


I haven’t always had problems sleeping, but with the stress of the last 6 months my 10 year old and I have had many problems staying asleep.  We now use essential oils for sleeping.

For the past few years I have had many problems with sleeping from time to time. I’ve had both OTC and prescriptions to help me sleep. Most help for a short period of time, but nothing has worked every night. Well not until I started using this new blend of essential oils.

After having months of almost constant stress, my daughter started having night terrors. We could get her to sleep, but she would wake up from the terrors and wouldn’t fall asleep for hours, and then it was a fitful sleep. Many nights I ended up in her bed, or she ended up in my bed. This made my sleep problems compound.

For my daughter, we tried lavender essential oil. This had helped in the past to help her ease into sleep. It’s very relaxing. But it wasn’t quite what we needed for the night terrors.

In the past we had used Peace & Calming to help calm my daughter after nightmares. At the time it would take no more than 5 minutes for her to drift off to sleep. It was a life saver! I would recommend this to any and all parents who have kids of any age. Apply to the feet before bed, and kids get the best night’s sleep!

The problem with my daughter was the stress that she was under. She was basically having anxiety attacks at night. Poor kid! I started doing some research, thank God for Google and the EODR (Essential Oil Desk Reference). I found a new blend to try out.

This new blend consisted of a mixture of some of the oils we had tried earlier on. But the combination also helps with depression, anxiety and of course sleep. I knew that this would be on my next order. In fact, I contacted Young Living and ordered this new blend with the points that I saved up, and only paid for shipping. Free makes things so much better! Lol

Anyways, the oil blend that I’m speaking of is RutaVala. You can read all of the details on the oil in the store. This oil comes in a blend and a roll on version. I opted for the roll on, so that we could grab the oil in the middle of the night and roll it onto my daughter without fiddling with a bottle that may turn over and spill.

The first night, I rolled the RutaVala onto the back of my daughter’s neck, near the skull, specifically where the neck has a “hollow” spot. The same night I used the blend on the same place on myself.

The next morning I asked my daughter how she slept. There were no complaints. I had actually awoken up startled because it was daylight and my daughter had not been to my room yet. She had slept all night for the first night in weeks! And the bonus, I had also!

After she used RutaVala for about 10 days, we stopped using it nightly. We only use this on her if she wakes in the middle of the night.

Now only mama needs to use the magic sleeping oil. I get a full nights rest without many problems with waking in the middle of the night. If I do wake up, I roll on the oil as I described above and fall asleep within a few minutes, and stay asleep. Before I was sleeping for an hour, and staying awake for hours. This is helping me get to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer and I don’t worry about it interfering with the next day.

My daughter and I both wake up refreshed, and not groggy the next day! This is unheard of with any OTC or prescription medication that I have taken in the past. My RutaVala stays beside my bed, and if I need to travel, it goes right into my overnight bag.

Relieve Sore Muscles Naturally


This is the time of year when we start working out again. Kids are starting back to school and are not use to P.E. class, and all of those laps that they may be running. Sore muscles are something that we all deal with from time to time, and our family’s answer to sore muscles is essential oil.

My son started football practice last week. The first night his legs were so sore that he asked me what oil we could use on his legs. This is not common for him, he’s 12 and has a mind of his own.

We decided to use some olive oil as a carrier oil, and added some Peppermint oil. I massaged his legs and within a few minutes he was out of pain, and he slept like a rock.

Another application method for sore muscles is to use Peppermint oil in your bath water. Start with a handful of Epson Salt then add a few drops of Peppermint to the salts. Sprinkle the crystals under the running water and stir the tub with your hand.

The chemical makeup of Peppermint essential oil is a pre-curser to some of the modern day OTC pain killers. When I started using YL essential oils over a year ago, I experimented with my oils. Pain is the one problem that I had consistently, and Peppermint was the one oil that over delivered every time.

I now use Peppermint for pain for arthritis in my hands and wrists, sore muscles, headaches, sinus pain and so much more. The great thing about using Peppermint instead of and OTC pain killer, is that it is used topical and works within minutes, not a half an hour or longer. Oh and did I mention that there are no problems with it causing acid reflux?! Not at all, because it helps fight acid reflux instead of causing more problems like many things on the market.

Make the change to Peppermint today! 

Would you like to replace ibprophen, or those smelly chemical laden rubs for sore muscles? Peppermint is the perfect place to start making the switch to a more natural medicine cabinet.

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Morning Routine

The way your morning routine goes really sets the pace for the day. Using essential oils every morning can help make your day go your way.

There are oils that I have beside my bed for night time use. Maybe my daughter wakes up with a bad dream, or my husband has heart burn. Those oils help us get a good nights rest, but what do we do about the next morning?

One of the first things that I do each morning is drink 3 ounces of NingXia Red.

NingXia Red is what I like to call a natural energy drink that fights back! You can read more about it in the Store.

What you notice when you have had this amazing nectar is not a surge of energy. You don’t get jittery like from all of those energy drinks that you see at the convenience store either. You get a natural energy that lasts. A few hours later you will look back and think to yourself, “Wow, I had the energy to do all of that!”

What I notice the most is that by the afternoon, if I haven’t had my “ninja juice” I am really dragging. That’s why I have this great drink every morning. The next benefit that I really love is that it contains lemon essential oil, which helps protect my body from cancer! How amazing! Please read about all of the benefits of NingXia Red in the store!

The best way to consume NingXia Red is to dilute it in water, to help keep your pH levels lowered. Start with 1 ounce a day and then drink up to 8 ounces a day. My friend LaDonna relied on this great drink throughout her pregnancy, and she is the one who really got me hooked! Heather is using NingXia Red to help with energy, and Fibromyalgia flares.

Most people drink coffee or tea in the mornings. Well, I don’t. Not the way you are thinking anyways.

Peppermint essential oil has so many benefits! Staying alert is one that I like the most. Drinking Peppermint Tea made with essential oil is much better for you than traditional tea or coffee, and the benefits are amazing. Maybe you have heard that Peppermint Tea made from leaves helps with digestion or nausea. How about this little fact. 1 drop of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil is equal to 24 cups of Peppermint Tea.

In the mornings if you add one cup of Peppermint Tea (from YL oil) to your morning routine, you may be able to reduce the amount of antacids that you have been using, stop relying on caffeine to stay alert in the mornings for your commute or test during first period, or even stop morning sickness while pregnant!

Adding these two products to my morning routine has made a huge impact to my day. I’m not nearly as grouchy, much  more productive even through the afternoon, and I have no problems with heartburn after eating the wrong thing in the mornings. (Bring on the bacon!)

Check out NingXia Red and Peppermint in the store today!



35 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of the most versitile essential oils on the market today. Here is a list that I have compiled of 35 uses! Keep a copy of this list nearby your essential oil collection. If you haven’t tried essential oils yet, peppermint is where you should start. Come join the Peppermint Campaign today!
  1.  Use 1 drop of Peppermint oil in a mug of hot water instead of tea. 1 drop equals 24 bags of peppermint tea!
  2.  Inhale Peppermint oil or from the palms of your hands to help with nausea.
  3. Rub 1-2 drops of Peppermint oil on tummy to help with stomachache.
  4.  Mix  3-4 drops of Peppermint  with water in a spray bottle and spray the back of your neck while working outside for a great cooling effect.
  5.  Leave your aspirin at home.  Peppermint helps with headaches and migraines!
  6.  Pain from bumps can be alleviated with a drop of Peppermint.
  7. #Bumped your leg? A drop or two of Peppermint oil can keep bruises at bay.
  8. Mom’s add a drop or two of Peppermint oil to your child’s shampoo and protect them from lice!
  9.  Dandruff? Use some Peppermint on your scalp!
  10. Sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough can be treated with peppermint.
  11.  Use Peppermint oil instead of breath freshener before you kiss your hubby!
  12. A drop or two of Peppermint oil on a cold wet cloth used over the eyes can help reduce your stress level.
  13.  Use Peppermint on cotton balls to deter mice.
  14. Spray Peppermint mixed with water to prevent ants and beetles.
  15. Spray diluted Peppermint on your clothing to deter Mosquitoes!
  16. Use Peppermint diluted on the skin to reduce itching from hives.
  17. Need to concentrate? Inhale Peppermint oil from your palms or use a diffuser! Great for classrooms!
  18.  Pain from arthritis? Use a drop of Peppermint on those aching joints.
  19. Keep Peppermint oil in the car on your commute to stay alert. Add a drop to a napkin, and place in the a/c vent.
  20.  Use Peppermint Oil on your scalp to help regulate the PH to combat both dry scalp and oily hair!
  21.  I put I few drops around the garage door and back door to eradicate the shrews here in Alaska.  – Gayle
  22. Snoring problems?? A friend of mine puts a drop of peppermint in an 8 oz. glass of water every night for her husband who snores LOUDLY. He drinks a couple of swallows just before bed time and it works like a charm. When she occasionally forgets to do this, those are the nights he snores like a bear
  23. I have had several occasions when ants thought that a place in my home was a wonderful place to move into. I simply watch and determine where their entry point into the house is and put a few drops of peppermint oil around the area where they are coming in. Apparently ants really dislike peppermint oil because they abruptly stop coming in and don’t return. I very seldom have to do repeat applications for the same spot. Works like a charm and the ants stay outdoors where they belong.
  24. Helps with inflammation and pain from carpel tunnel.
  25. Teachers, diffuse in classroom during tests to help students attention span and concentration.
  26. Mix Peppermint and Lavender to deter mosquitoes from babies and small children
  27. Woke up this morning with a junk food hang over, rubbed pepperment oil around my naval for my upset stomach and above my eyebrow for my headache….I’m feeling much better now. – Sandy
  28. Woke up with a terrible crick in my neck this morning. I have 6 horses to massage today and that’s no time for me to be sore! Rubbed some peppermint oil directly on the crick and further down where the muscles were sore about 10 minutes ago and it’s already relaxed! – Lisa
  29. Use in a compress for  hemorrhoids.
  30. A drop of peppermint oil on the jawline used after tooth extraction helps with pain and swelling.
  31. Massage 2-3 drops onto the chest or drop into a humidifier to clear sinus and lung congestion and support normal breathing
  32. Massage several drops on your abdomen, place a drop on the tip of the tongue or wrists, or inhale to soothe motion sickness or general nausea
  33. Research by Alan Hirsch, MD, shows that inhaling peppermint essential oil helps trigger a sense of fullness. Inhale 5-10 times a day to curb appetite
  34. Rub a drop or two of peppermint into legs for restless leg syndrome.
  35. Peppermint oil can help reduce fungal infections


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God’s Abundance

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “God’s Abundance?” The first thing that comes to mind for me is fruits and vegetables, green grass and trees, babies and children playing…a happy, healthy life.

I know that God has touched our family many, many times over the last few years. There’s no other explaining how we have survived this long. 

The very heart and nature and character of God is to provide for us Abundantly.

Wow! Let that resonate with you for a moment. You may ask yourself why? How? There are a lot of questions that come to mind when wondering how and why God chooses to do things, especially providing for us, his children.

The New Testament teaches us that God’s Abundance in our lives is a result of both obedience and grace. If it were not for God’s grace where would any of us be? And for me, because of His grace, I want to be more obedient to him. Don’t you?

When I think of abundance I think of all of the things that God has given us. What do we do with these things? Well we can use them, or not. We can share them, or not. One thing that I have chosen to do is to share with you what I have learned was given to me from God.

God has created such a wonderful world for us to enjoy. God’s abundance is everywhere.

We could argue the point that we are taking advantage of what God has given us, both in good ways and in bad. As American’s I know that we have more than many other nations. The abundance of food alone is outrageous for me to comprehend. The amount of food that is grown in the United States that is produced only for animal consumption is amazing when we think of those that are going hungry.

What I want you to think about today is the things that God has given us that we overlook. God’s abundance.

I have heard of many people only eating a God-made diet. This is a diet where we only eat things that come from the earth, whether fruit, vegetable, mineral, animal…just nothing that has been created by man like Twinkies.

What we often overlook is that God’s abundance also provides us with God-made medicines.

Diet is a wonderful, wonderful thing if you are eating correctly and not eating all of those man made things that we get today. Candy bars were not meant to be eaten as a meal. Fruit, however is something that God provided us with to consume on a regular basis.

Essential oils are made from the very essence of plant material (wood, fruit, leaves, etc.) This is one of the things that I have found that is part of God’s Abundance for us as Christians. God gave us essential oils as his medicine.

Did you know that the Bible refers to essential oils or aromatic plants and aromatic products 1035 times? There are at least 33 Bible reference to essential oil producing plants. God’s Abundance!

My love for essential oils has developed over years, but intensified in 2011 when I found out the significance of essential oils in the Bible and how these same oils can be used today for preventing illnesses, curing disease, and  maintaining a healthy home.

In biblical times, the plants that many of the essential oils that were used, were placed on the floors of homes or buildings. We think that floors were covered with dirt, but they were not! They were covered in plants that contained God’s medicine. As the plants were tread upon, the oils were released and used by the body as God’s way of helping our body’s help themselves.

Today we use essential oils on the bottom of our feet, because of the reflexology points that correspond to the rest of our body. According to researcher Jean Valnet,M.D., an essential oil that is directly applied to the skin can pass into the bloodstream and diffuse throughout the tissues in 20 minutes or less.

In Biblical times, do you think we had the technology to know this fact?! I don’t think it had anything to do with knowing, I think God gave us this gift and showed us how to use it!

We have learned that God’s medicine, essential oils, help with preventing and curing cancer. I use essential oils for bug bites, headaches, fever, and calming my hyper child. I thank God that he has given me these gifts!

For our family we have taken these gifts from God, essential oils, and started using them for what he intended. We have incorporated God’s medicines into our lives and are sharing them with other families. God provides the abundance for our family and for yours. I hope to share more with you on how to use God’s abundance in your family.

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