Hyper kid travel tip.


A couple weeks ago my kids and I spent the weekend at my mom’s. It was Memorial Day weekend, and with being only an hour from the beach we decided to take a short day trip.

First we had to pick up new sunglasses and t-shirts, then an hour for lunch. Next thing we knew we’d been in the car off and on for a few hours. This is not a good thing with young kids, but I thought that my “older” kids would be okay.  Then I heard this:“Stop licking me!”


My 12 year old, you know the one that is a bit hyper from time to time. Especially when he’s been around silly girls and locked in a car for a while…well the things he does just amaze me! My 12 year old was licking his sister!

This child has never been diagnosed ADHD, ADD or any of the other things that kids can be labeled with that show hyper activity. But then again, I don’t really like to label my kids. This doesn’t mean that sometimes I wish that I had something to keep the kid from making me climb the walls.

I knew what I had to do. I had my bag of magic tricks with me, and decided to pull out my secret weapon. This little bottle of Peace & Calming was going to save lives. Well maybe not lives, but it was going to save my sanity for a few more hours.

I placed 1 drop of Peace & Calming essential oil blend on a napkin (you know you have those from fast food joints stashed in the glove box). Then I stuck the napkin in the vent while the a/c was turned on.


My kids knew exactly what I was doing! So they all squealed like only tweens can do, and held their breath. Of course they took a deep breath when that was done, and inhaled the aroma of Peace & Calming.

In 5 minutes, my 12 year old son was all  mellow and my mother just looked over at me and smiled.


A year ago, this would have never been the case. My 12 year old would have been on everyone’s last nerve before we ever made it to the beach. My teenager would have been begging to go home, and I would have had a migraine. That’s before I was introduced to Young Living oils.

The effects of this great oil blend are astounding! Everyone enjoyed their trip to the beach, and were very relaxed on the ride home. I didn’t remove the napkin until we were in the drive.

Some other great ways we use this oil blend in our home are to help get over bad dreams. We use one drop and rub it into the child’s feet, and then I put a drop on their wrists. Minutes and they are back to sleep. Speaking of sleep, this helps everyone get a good nights sleep, with just a drop on the feet. Someone having a temper tantrum? Same technique and you can calm a screaming child, or even a child who bumped their head.

The list is endless of how you can use this God Made weapon against stress and hyper active kids!


If you are interested in trying out Peace & Calming for your hyper child, you can get your own bottle in the Polka Spot Farm Store.