3 Oils to Keep on Hand This Summer


Its that time of year where its hot! Here in the south we are use to hot weather, but I’ve been seeing triple digit temps in the states north of us!

So what’s a girl supposed to keep in her purse this summer in all this icky hot weather? Essential Oils of course!

#1 Peppermint

Peppermint is the #1 most important oil to keep in your purse at all times, but the usefulness of this oil during the summer is multiplied by how many digits are on that thermometer!

  • Barbecue giving you heartburn or indigestion? Here we add a couple drops to our water or iced tea and sip.
  •  Sweating in all this heat? A few drops of peppermint in about a cup of water added to a spray bottle. Spray the back of your neck and instant cooling sensation! Ahh!
  • Traveling at night and need to stay alert? Add a drop of peppermint to a napkin and stick it in your a/c vent. Better than coffee!
  • Headache from being out in the sun? Add a drop of peppermint to your temples! Cooling and pain relief are almost instant!

#2 Lavender

Lavender oil is the 2nd most important oil that I keep in my purse. The uses for Lavender are almost as numerous as Peppermint. This is such a versatile oil, that I keep more than one!

  • Sunburn from all the time by the pool? Fill a spritz bottle with water and 20 drops of lavender oil. Spray onto sunburned area for cooling and healing.
  • Did that firework just burn you? Young Living lavender oil can be put directly on burns or open wounds! It promotes healing and kills bacteria.
  • Cranky kids from playing in the pool too much? A drop of lavender on the bottom of the feet helps promote naps!

#3 Purification

Purification is an oil that I don’t use as much during winter months, but it is certainly within arms reach during the warmer months of the year. That’s why purification is the 3rd most important oil to keep in your purse this summer.

  • Mosquitoes swarming your family? Take 20 drops of Purification oil plus 10 drops of Peppermint oil in a small spray bottle and fill with water. Spray this bottle liberally on your person and around where mosquitoes are swarming to deter the little buggers.
  • Bug bites really….bite! A drop of Purification oil helps take the sting, swelling and itching out of bug bites! This oil works amazingly fast!
  • Fleas on your dog? Add a drop of purification to your hands and rub over their coats while you are outside. You don’t want the fleas to invade your home! (note: Purification is not to be used on cats because it contains Melaleuca oil which is not safe for felines.)

These are only a few uses of each of these three very important oils that you should keep on hand this summer. To learn more about how to use essential oils be sure to get this free report! 



What Simple Living Means

When I started Polka Spot Farm, I aspired for it to be a Simple Living Blog. I may have strayed from that it seems, but in my eyes I’m learning to live a simple life.

Yep, I did get and iPhone 4. I love technology, and I don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience. For me, my phone simplify my life by taking a planner, address book and so much more out of my purse and off of my desk.apron garden
Creative Commons License photo credit: klynslis

Someone may say, “Christi, you don’t even dry your clothes on the line!” Well no, a lot of the times I don’t dry my clothes on the line. In the end it saves me money because my family uses less allergy medication when my things are dried in the dryer. With a high efficiency washer, it helps a lot in the drying costs and energy consumed.

Simple Living is more than doing everything by hand, to me its like the ergonomics of living. If its not going to make your life less complex, then why should you do it?

I’ve learned a lot about simple living, and everyone’s version is different.

  • I’ve made my own dishwasher detergent
  • I’ve made my own cleaning supplies
  • I’ve learned to cook bacon and it come out less greasy than when I used paper towels.
  • I make my own dish cloths
  • I’ve learned to preserve my clothes with an apron
  • I’ve learned that homemade bread is great, but I still love my store bought bread for PB&J
  • I’ve found recipes for things I thought I’d never make from scratch, and get excited every time one works better than the store bought version.

Do you live a simple life? Do you want to live a more simple life?

Simple Step #3

“Man’s life is of God, not of his goods, however abundant they may be. ”
– Henry Alford

100 Ways to Simplify Your Life by: Joyce Meyer

Tuesday’s Tips

I thought that I would start doing this a while back and just never did. I’m a tip person. I’m always looking for tips, and giving tips to random people. I know they think I’m weird, but hey I’m just a good “Tipper!” To me a tip is a shortcut to make something work for you instead of you working for it.

Lately I’ve seen so many things out there that I’d love to do with my time. Problem is there are only so many hours in the day and to tell you the truth I put off doing so many things as it is, that I don’t need a longer to do list than I already have.

My kids start back to school today (Tuesday) from being out for about 2.5 weeks. For me and my kids I want them to be more organized and more responsible for themselves. One of the things I’ve wanted to implement for a long time is a Launch pad. Thing is, I never found a good way to make that work. So in a moment of excitement today I told the kids to clear off their dresser or chest of drawers, and put their school things on top, along with all of the attire for the next day. Tomorrow I’ll be adding little notes for them on things they need to do when they get home. Their own little launch pad and control central.

As adults sometimes we find something that works for us, but not our kids. I tend to think they will like something set up one way, yet it doesn’t work for them because they have no idea how to use it. When implementing something to their daily routine, its a good idea to help them for at least a few weeks until it becomes a habit. If they forget about their new additional responsibility, remember that they are kids and that most adults don’t conform well to change ( at least I don’t).

Do you have a launch pad in your home? Does the whole family use it or only you? Would it be easier on your kids or spouse to have their own launch pad? Ours may be changed a few times to get it to work, but we will continue on our path until it is well known.

Looking back on 2009 and forward to 2010

In the past year I’ve gone through a lot of struggling, changes, heartbreak, finding love and so many other things I can’t even begin to mention. I started out in January being very heartbroken and depressed. Even though I was not happy in the situation that I was in, I never thought it would end the way it did. With medication, therapy and Jesus Christ on my side I made it through that valley and up the other side.

One of those nights when I thought I’d never date again, and when I never wanted to have any relationship with any male human again that was more than friendship a friend gave me a prayer. I prayed this prayer and within seconds, not minutes or days or even weeks, I received a message from the man I am now going to marry. Does that seem far fetched? maybe, but its true.

We dated a few weeks before we allowed the kids to meet the other and then each other. That first weekend that we were all together was on a camping trip. When kids are together for 3 days, and never say a cross word at one another you know that they can make it a lifetime. Maybe not a lifetime without fussing, but with enjoying each other as siblings. The more we were together the closer we got. Right away we knew that our relationship was different than any other we had experienced.

So now after a year, we have a house with 5 kids some of the time, 3 most of the time, and 4 days a month we get it all to ourselves. These days we are running here and there. Playing with our new addition a 6 week old poodle named Candy. Spending time with family and friends. My home is topsy turvy this week!

With the addition of 2 more children in our home, we hope to find balance and structure this year. I hope that you will follow our journey through 2010 where we will be getting married (DIY WEDDING!) and becoming a real family. Thanks for joining us thus far and have a wonderful year!

Menu Plan Monday (Cool Whip Cookies)

This week is going to be so busy! We have a cookie party, a Girl Scout party, 3 class parties, shopping with my mom and a partridge and a pear tree. So needless to say, Scott will be helping with dinner a lot of the nights.

Monday: Scott’s Mac and Cheese along side Roast Beast with carrots and potatos

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken with Loaded Potato Soup

Wednesday: Vegetable Beef Soup

Thursday: Mexican Taco Bake

Friday: Grilled Chicken Salad

Recipe: Cool Whip Cookies


  • 1 (18 1/4 ounce) box cake mix (any flavor desired)
  • 1 (8 ounce) container Cool Whip
  • 1 egg


  1. #1 Mix all ingredients. #2 Form into balls. #3 Roll in confectioners’ sugar. # 4 Bake at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes. #5 Cool in pan a few minutes before removing.

Quick Notes

Use any Cake mix that you enjoy, experiment with different combinations.


13 Funny things

I need to lighten things up around here so I thought I’d share some really fun things that I’ve seen, heard or done lately. In no particular order here’s 13 funny things for this week:

  1. My dog Dottie has a new trick. Picture my middle son laying on the couch, shirtless with arms above head. Enter Stage Right: My daughter with a slice of ham and Dottie following, tongue wagging. Kayla tears the ham into small pieces and puts it on Austins bare armpit. With a little cajolling, Dottie gobbles up the ham and Austin is wiggling and squealing with delight. Kayla and myself, howling with laughter as Dottie begs for more! Video will be on YouTube just as soon as they can figure out how to do that.
  2. The new puppy’s favorite cuddly spot has been found. An old soft sided lunchbox/cooler. I must take pics of this to confirm, but its adorable!
  3. One of my favorite pick-me-ups would be the website People of Walmart. Yes I’d love to breastfeed my next baby, but isn’t this a little too much?
  4. I”m thinking of writing an alternate post for my About page like Amy does here on her blog Amy’s Musings. Maybe It will include the part about me talking to and Angel the other day.
  5. Oh yeah, I talked to a very cool man the other day that I can’t seem to go an hour without thinking about. He’s very “mystical” and could possibly be a hippie/Indian/angel. Um, angel for sure! Amazing guy to say the least.
  6. I tied my fiance up and tickled him until he wet his pants. Well at least that’s what I really wanted to do, but he’s not ticklish at all. Bummer.
  7. ElfYourself. Nuff Said. So you Like Hip Hop? Ok, that one was a little silly, how about the singing one instead. Maybe you’d rather see this from that Disco/John Travolta Movie what was that again? Ok if you are up for it, this one is pretty traditional, 40’s on 4 style.
  8. How we celebrate all of this cold weather down here in the South. Go hang out at the Beach, of course!


    #8 The Southern Snowman

  9. We kinda decorated the inside of the Polka Spot Farm…do you dare check it out? ROFL! I warned you!
  10. The funniest, I’m gonna start the Couch to 5k Monday, yea! I need some cool running clothes and an over the shoulder bolder holder that will actually keep the boulders in the right place, anyone know where to look? Come Join us!
  11. I have all of these handmade ideas in my head, fabric bought for them and all and I haven’t even started! Who does that? I’m so crafty, I’ve gotten myself out of everything I planned this year! yay me!
  12. I’ve officially started my baking for the season. Wait, I keep having to change my recipes because I don’t have butter. What household goes through all kinds of butter without telling the residential chef? And who told the Pastor’s wife that 2 7 year old girls could help me make 6 dozen cookies this weekend? And how do I say no to said 7 year old girls because the Pastor’s wife said it would be ok? Hmm…
  13. I think my next trick is to paint Santa Scott’s nails in his sleep. I could do anything to him in his sleep and he’d never know it these days. It’s totally hilarious. This morning he told me that I’d made my first mistake, but not in so many words. He was pretending to be mad at me all day, and I pretended to be mad at him. It’s great to be able to yell at someone that you love and they laugh it off, cause they do the same thing to you. I’m burning so many calories laughing til I cry then crying til I laugh these days.

Happy Thursday 13!


ec·cen·tric (k-sntrk, k-) n.

1. One that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior.
If no other word describes me, eccentric does. I’ve never felt like I fit the cookie cutter of any one group. I’ve tried to be alot of things that I am not in my lifetime. Growing up in a small private school, nearly everyone was very conservative. I tried to fit in most of the time, but I could never pull off conservative like the others. I’d wear the traditional t-shirt and jeans but I’d pull it off with some really blood read lipstick. I’d wear my black derby hat with something outlandish that I borrowed from a cousin. I’d wear a crochet vest with a really dressy silk skirt. Once I wore a sweater in a pretty orange, with yellow and green trim with the most wild leggings you’ve ever seen in your life. I hate people staring at me in outfits like that.
Maybe in other places its ok to be different. Maybe everyone is different. Here I’m eccentric. I’m a little off from the center. I wear 130 dollar flip flops because they don’t hurt my feet, not because they are attractive. They aren’t that attractive. I use reusable grocery bags when no one else does. At the mention of them, my groceries are double and triple bagged in plastic.
I want a red leather sectional. Two actually. Just because I love anything that’s red and leather. I’m not a pet lover, yet I have a dog, 2 cats, 4 chickens and about a dozen cows right now. Nope I don’t like animals. I’d never addopt an animal, although all of my animals have been adopted except 1 chicken and the cows.
If I think of my animals I want to be a vegetarian. I’ve killed animals before as a sport. I like to shoot guns, and I”m good at it. I can’t hit anything if I think about it.
I’m a Christian, and I would love to be one of those youth leaders with Pink hair. If I had pink hair, I would really be called a phreak here. Yep I spelled that wrong on purpose.
I have champagne taste and a beer budget. Make that water. If I could have what I wanted, I’d have the latest in electronics, and everything would be ran by solar and wind power.
I hate tired veggies. You know the ones you find at the super market. I have a wonderful Farm and could grow most everything right here, but I hate being out in the heat. I’m great when the weather isn’t 90 degrees and up, but then I want to be inside.
I’m deathly afraid of the water, yet I’m most happy when I’m touching it.
I want my house filled with the latest electronics and antiques along with green products.
I find myself wanting to save the world, yet I know in my heart of hearts that God is coming soon so why bother?
I know that I’m going to heaven, although some of my life choices are not to his liking.
I love to give advice, but I rarely take my own to heart. My friends talk to me about things they wouldn’t tell anyone else. I tell them things too about myself. I feel ashamed for dumping on anyone, yet find it impossible not to do.
I love my children more than words can describe, yet sometimes I really want them out of my hair NOW! I’m so proud that they all believe in God. My kids make me proud daily, even if they bug the snot out of me.
There are only a few people in my life that I never want to see or hear from again. The others I still love although I never hear from them.
I have no one in my life that’s not related or Scott, that I feel like I can really let my hair down. The ones that I have in the past really burned me at some point, and will never get that privilege again. I have a few close friends online that are privy to my every thought, yet we’ve never met.
When I think of my life’s accomplishments I don’t see a lot, yet I want my legacy to be filled with love and joy. I’m always looking for approval and acceptance, and sometimes I ask for it on purpose because I need to hear it for me.
I write this because of many different reasons. I know today, that I didn’t fit in any group of people that I talked to, yet I am a part of all of them. I’ve never been the popular one, the one that’s been in trouble, the one that’s been asked to lead their children, nor the mother that everyone envies. I’ve never been the mom with the coolest car, or the one that came up with the coolest game, or the one that dressed appropriately for the task at hand. I’ll never be one of those cookie cutter people that knows just what to say, or what picture to hang where, or even when to keep my mouth shut.
I can only be me. I can have pink hair, and red leather flip flops to wear Christmas Day. I can drive the car that no one wants. I can raise my kids to be different than all of the others. I can wear nothing but skirts for a month. I can never get my hair cut, then all of a sudden cut 8 inches without a word. I can sleep with confidence that there’s a gun in my bathroom, bedroom and two in the laundry room. I will love that I know as much or more about some things than the average person, and that I can talk someone through their problems at the drop of a hat. I can be the mom that one kid’s class loves and the others really don’t care one bit. I can be the only mom that shows up to field day and rolls around in the grass with the kids while playing tug of war. I can even be the one that tells them to tackle the star football player, and the do it…and do it well! I can be the one that calls you out when you are wrong, and tiptoe around the fact that you hurt my feelings for months before I do it. I can be me.
I can be me. Myself. I.
I want this life to be simple. I want it to me my simple life. I want it to be a simple living blog that shows my simple life. My life isn’t always simple. Is anyones? It is my life. This blog is where I show me, like it or not. I”m eccentric. I know that I am. I’m quirky about things. Its ok. It’s only me.

13 Simple Living Tips

1. Learn to cook

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3. If you buy it, buy it used

4. Read instead of watching TV

5. Read to your children, or play a game instead of watching TV or playing video games

6. Grow a garden

7. Preserve your fruits and veggies

8. Have date night at home.

9. Walk or ride a bike for small trips.

10. Plan your outings for errand day.

11. Keep inventory of your stock (pantry, freezers and refrigerators)

12. Use what you have

13. Find Co-ops for baby sitting, produce, gardening, anything you can buy off the shelf

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Its 100 Days until Christmas, do you know where your list is?

Yep that’s right, only 100 days until Christmas! Can you believe it? I always thought that Christmas took forever to get here, as a kid. Now its like I blink and its here again. Dragging out that dang tree, putting up lights, wrapping presents and oh my the lists upon lists.

Vintage Tree Print
Vintage Tree Print

This year I’m wanting to implement a few new traditions for my family. I’ll be sharing those as we get a little closer to Christmas. If you have any traditions that are unique to your family, please let me know and I’d love to have you guest post.

I’m loving SpringPad for lists and things, and I’m sure you will too to clip things from the internet for Christmas presents and decorating ideas.

As for decorating, I want a new tree. Maybe more than one tree, because really I have room for them. I want this year to be a great holiday for everyone, and not to reflect back to past years that went to heck in a handbasket.

This year I think I’d like to have a vintage Tree
, a traditional Tree
with handmade ornaments, and maybe a Feather Tree
. I hope to make a lot of things this year for decorations like using this embroidery transfer on some cute towels, and just have fun with everything. I think that if the house is a joyful place, then it will raise my spirits.

One thing that’s for sure, is that I’m in the planning stages already. I’m writing my lists and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice!