13 Ways to Simplify Your Day

  1. Get up and get dressed. Get your hair done and makeup on so that you are ready to answer the door or run out in an emergency.
  2. Eat a good breakfast, take your vitamins and drink your water.
  3. Check out your calendar. What is on your menu for today? Do you need to take something out for tomorrow? Do you have a meeting with your child’s teacher? Is it errand day? Make any updates, and add things to your to do list.
  4. Keep a small notebook handy to jott ideas down,  shopping lists, phone numbers and reminders. If you try to remember all of this, your brain will become cluttered.
  5. Plan healthy meals and snacks. If you are used to snacking on junk, don’t buy it. If you need to drink 4 bottles of water a day, make sure they are in the fridge or nearby so that you don’t have to make an extra trip to get one.
  6. Have the king (or queen) of the trash, dishwasher, vacuum, etc. Pick a family member to take responsibility for chores. Teach them how to do their chore and remind them when necessary. The goal is to have them on auto pilot when something needs to be done.
  7. Have  morning, mid-day, afternoon, nightly, daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Write it down and check them often. Personalize this for your life, not someone else.
  8. Keep a cleaning kit of what you need in each bathroom. If everything is there, you have no excuses not to keep things pretty when you run in to potty.
  9. Turn off the T.V., computer, and anything else that’s distracting for a set amount of time a day. Take weekends off, or a set day.
  10. Keep a laundry basket in your car. Fill it with everything that you need to bring inside in one trip. Put things away immediately.
  11. When you leave a room, take something with you that doesn’t belong. Put it away. Its simple and saves a trip later on.
  12. Write down every purchase that you make in your notebook. How did you pay for it? Can you pay cash? If you pay with cash, you are less likely to spend money on frivolous things.
  13. Cut out special time for your family as a group and individually. This includes you. If that means missing a game or your favorite show so be it. What’s more important? You have to make that decision.


13 Simple Living Tips

1. Learn to cook

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3. If you buy it, buy it used

4. Read instead of watching TV

5. Read to your children, or play a game instead of watching TV or playing video games

6. Grow a garden

7. Preserve your fruits and veggies

8. Have date night at home.

9. Walk or ride a bike for small trips.

10. Plan your outings for errand day.

11. Keep inventory of your stock (pantry, freezers and refrigerators)

12. Use what you have

13. Find Co-ops for baby sitting, produce, gardening, anything you can buy off the shelf

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