What season are you in?

I know that I’ve heard that there are seasons of life. Mother’s with young children know this more than anyone. I’m not a mom of young children, I’m a mom of tweens. That gives me a little more freedom.

I’m a WAHM, or work at home mom for those not used to the lingo. I started Life Essential Oils a few weeks ago, but its slow moving of course. We thought that things would be settled by now with my husband’s job, but alas they are not. The question now is what to do next?

We had a huge plan for what we were doing, but with one change in his job I realize that it may not be our season in life to do what really want to do. It kinda sucks. But, we do know that God has the ultimate plan. Sometimes its just hard to swallow.

I made a commitment to myself and a few others last night, and I’m going to keep that commitment. However there are other things that I may have to change. It’s so hard for me to commit to anything lately. My plans always get changed before I get started. I’m in a “its not fair” mood. It will change.

So what season are you in?