Tuesday’s Tips

I thought that I would start doing this a while back and just never did. I’m a tip person. I’m always looking for tips, and giving tips to random people. I know they think I’m weird, but hey I’m just a good “Tipper!” To me a tip is a shortcut to make something work for you instead of you working for it.

Lately I’ve seen so many things out there that I’d love to do with my time. Problem is there are only so many hours in the day and to tell you the truth I put off doing so many things as it is, that I don’t need a longer to do list than I already have.

My kids start back to school today (Tuesday) from being out for about 2.5 weeks. For me and my kids I want them to be more organized and more responsible for themselves. One of the things I’ve wanted to implement for a long time is a Launch pad. Thing is, I never found a good way to make that work. So in a moment of excitement today I told the kids to clear off their dresser or chest of drawers, and put their school things on top, along with all of the attire for the next day. Tomorrow I’ll be adding little notes for them on things they need to do when they get home. Their own little launch pad and control central.

As adults sometimes we find something that works for us, but not our kids. I tend to think they will like something set up one way, yet it doesn’t work for them because they have no idea how to use it. When implementing something to their daily routine, its a good idea to help them for at least a few weeks until it becomes a habit. If they forget about their new additional responsibility, remember that they are kids and that most adults don’t conform well to change ( at least I don’t).

Do you have a launch pad in your home? Does the whole family use it or only you? Would it be easier on your kids or spouse to have their own launch pad? Ours may be changed a few times to get it to work, but we will continue on our path until it is well known.