You were designed to do great things!

I love to tell my children that they are designed to do great things by an amazing God. They start glowing when I tell them this, wouldn’t you?

When is the last time someone told YOU that you were designed to do great things? I was on an amazing training call this past weekend and that’s the overwhelming idea that I keep hearing in my head.

Some days we all feel like that we are just some kid’s mother, or someone to wash the dishes. The reality is that you are more than just some kid’s mother. You inspire that child every day in some way or another. You may be the future president’s mother! What if your child finds the cure for cancer? Or better yet, what if your child has a grandbaby for you?! That’s what I’m looking forward to!

You are someone that God designed to do something special. You know deep down in your heart what that special thing is. Today it may be giggling with your toddler and tomorrow it may be inspiring someone to live the life they were designed for, you never know.

Take today to pray about what God wants you to do with your future. Ask him for guidance. Make a list of the things that you come up with that you want to accomplish. Then I want you to make a to do list with what you need to do to get there. This is going to be a long list. But do it. It’s worth it.

Now Today work on 1 or 2 things on that list. Even if making the list is one of those things. Now I want you to take this step every day. Accomplish one more thing that moves you closer to doing what God has designed you to do.

Share this with the world! Share your dreams. Tell your family and your friends and especially tell God. You WILL find a way! When you get God involved, your dreams will be bigger than you can imagine right now.

This is my prayer for you, to push through your obstacles and grow into what God wants you to be, live your dreams!