Get creative to get over those obstacles!

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If 6 years as a single mom of 3 taught me anything, it was that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Better yet, “I can do anything through Christ who Strengthens me.” Phillipians 4:13

It was after 10PM tonight before the tech was finished replacing parts to our (internet) satellite. We’ve been tethering our phones to our computers for internet service for months now. That brought on a lot of obstacles that we needed to overcome. The price was right, compared to the monthly service of the satellite service and repairs that we needed. Tonight I’m elated to have real internet!

We also have a water heater that won’t stay lit. Hot water is something that we take for granted. But every time we stop to thank God for this luxury, the thing works. It’s like a miracle! We decided a few days ago to replace our propane gas water heater with electric when we have the money. For now we are going to heat water on our stove if the pilot light won’t stay lit, go to a relatives for showers, shower at work (my husband) or just go without. Sometimes, you do what you have to do, right?

We have one obstacle after another in life. Since our marriage we seem to have had more than our fair share, but everything always works itself out.

Today, maybe you’re reading this and thinking to yourself that your bank account is low, or maybe you are being tested in a different way. What are you going to do to get past this bump in the road? For some things I’ve found that prayer works better than anything, but sometimes the answer to prayer is God wanting you to get creative. Do you need to find a part time job? Do you need to step away from a situation, or even a person that’s causing great pain? Maybe stress has you so overwhelmed that you have a laundry list of things that are going on in your life. Get creative with your answer, and make it work!

If you believe in yourself, that’s 2 that believe in you. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, you always have God looking down at you and believing that YOU are worth Christ dying on the cross. So ask for help. Ask God, your family and friends, whomever you think that may can help you come up with an answer. Now don’t go looking for a handout! That’s not what I’m saying. Sometimes asking for help can bring you to a new job, or just new advice that you need to hear.

Take that first step and get yourself out of that rut and over that obstacle to a better day, week or even a lifetime of happiness.

Strategy for the new year.

We are over 2 weeks into the new year, have you kept up with your 2012 resolutions? If not, you are among many! So its time to strategize so that you can reach those goals before 2013.

We had very a very full holiday season as most large families deal with every year. Then there was a scare with my (now newborn) niece before and after her birth. Can you say on your knees praying like there’s no tomorrow?! So my 2013 goals were put on standby for new ones.

One thing that I did this year was to share my goals with a group of friends to keep me accountable.

So here are some of my goals for 2012: Learn more about myself, and take care of me. Don’t put off getting my hair cut, don’t wear things that make me look older or just blah, work on my self confidence, wear makeup!! lol, go to the doctor before I get too sick, start back on some of myhealthy habits like eating better, working out, drinking water.”

I also made this little graphic so that I can have it on my desk, to remind me of what I want from this year:

So now that I’m working at home, I’m going to see this on my desk daily which a great reminder.

I have reminders on my phone too. I set goals through an app to reach each week. I may have 10 goals for the week, but they are all moving in the same direction.

One of my big goals is purge my closet of things that don’t make me happy. It may be the color, cut or feel of the garment, but if it doesn’t make me happy its going to the thrift store or being sold. There’s no room for clothes that make me feel bad!

In purging my closet I’m making my life more simple, and boosting my self confidence. Goals like this are being accomplished by something very simple that will make me feel happy. Even if I only purge one item a week, its part of my strategy to reach my goals before 2013.

I hired a business coach! This is helping me meet financial and personal goals in the first 2 weeks of the year. I may have to sell those clothes on eBay that don’t make me happy to continue with this goal, but can you see how one goal helps to secure the next? It’s all part of my strategic plan!

One thing that I want you to remember is that goals don’t happen overnight. They take work. Are you too busy to work? Work is the only way that you can change your life effectively. Winning the lottery isn’t an option!

What type of strategy have you put into place for 2012 to reach your resolutions or goals? I’d love to hear from you on some ways that you are putting those things into place.

Thanksgiving Plans

This week is Thanksgiving, the kids are out for the week, and so is my husband. That means that there will be a lot of cooking! Geez! But at least we aren’t planning on eating out so NO FAST FOOD!

We are planning on a regular Thanksgiving meal, with sweets and everything. I’m not going to go without the foods I only eat once a year. But that’s just it…its just once a year.

I also have a carb buster move that I’ll be doing called hoedowns, so that will certainly be something I’ll sneak away to do after dessert.

I’m going to pledge to workout at least 3 times this week, because I didn’t get that much in last week. Who’s keeping me accountable?

What is your plan to avoid overindulging during holiday feasts?

The plan here is to not do seconds on anything that isn’t a veggie or fruit, and get my water in daily so that I don’t feel as hungry AND eat breakfast!

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I lost inches, and a lot of them!

Last week I hinted at what workout that I was going to be starting. I was excited, and let me just say that my results have really changed my outlook on working out.

My friend Heather sent me some DVD’s and this is the one that I’ve been doing for the past week. It’s called Basic Workout Plus or BWO+ The amazing thing is that in a week of only 3-15 minute workouts, I lost 16 inches! Um yeah! Wow! I haven’t weighed at home in months, so I’m not sure exactly where I am there, but I do know on inches. And for me, inches really are what counts.

I can’t wait until the end of the year to see where I am. I’d be so happy to see results of a couple sizes loss by then. We’ll see.

How has Type II diabetes affected your life?

I can’t say that it has really affected me at all other than the scare that I may have it when I’m older. It doesn’t run in our family until someone hits their 60’s and then most all of my family controls it with diet. On the other hand my step kids mom is in her mid 30’s and was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes this past summer. Way more scary! So we are trying to teach them how to eat correctly and exercise.

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Veterans Day: Military Families get 10% off at Dollar General

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Dollar General is one of those stores that we frequent as a large family. It’s hard to go to town without stopping by and picking up a few things. It’s much easier than running into that big box store in town to pick up milk, eggs, bread or an afterschool snack at the last minute. 

This year, Dollar General is giving back to Military families. I can say that this promotion has really made a big impression on me. 

I’m all about helping military families as I’ve mentioned before. I’m so excited to share that on 11/11/11 military families will receive a 10% discount at Dollar General stores and online. They are online, who knew!

This can certainly help the families that have given so much to our country. 

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Happy November!

I know its Tuesday, but its November! And you know what else? My friend sent me a package in the mail that should be here within a few hours. What’s in it? Some workout DVD’s!

I’ve been wanting these things for a few years really, but never got around to ordering them. So today I get to start on a new journey. I have a few goals that I really need to think about and get down on paper between now and next week. I’m also going to measure and try to journal my results each week. Still trying to figure out all of the particulars, but I”m working on consistency this time, and not just the numbers.

So here’s to November!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is my middle child’s 12th birthday! I’m getting so old! I can’t believe I have a 14 year old either. But today I get to come up with some cool, inexpensive (cause mama’s broke) ways to celebrate my son’s big day with the family. Do you have any ideas for a tween boy? It’s a hard one for sure!

November really brings out the Christmas spirit for me. Thanksgiving is just an extension of Christmas around here. This year I’ll be hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner. This is a huge thing for me too. I’m already decluttering here and there, and I think this next week I’ll start washing walls and scrubbing baseboards. As somewhat of a recluse, this is such a huge thing for me. I hope I make it out alive! lol

So the menu so far (for me to make, I’m not taking the whole thing on)

  • Turkey
  • Chocolate Pound Cake
  • Tea
  • Rolls – still looking for a good recipe that can be frozen ahead of time if you have any ideas.

The plan is to not over eat, but to enjoy myself for the meal, and then send most of the leftovers home except the good healthy stuff. I think we will be planning on about 20 people coming, so I’m not sure what kind of leftovers we may have! lol

Well I want to wish everyone a happy November, and hope that you write down your goals for the month and set out a plan to achieve them!

Does your husband know how to do your breast exa

Please be advised that this is not a post for the faint of heart, and especially for those under the age of 18. Links in this post will take you away from this page, and to an Adult’s only store. If I were you, I’d make sure that there were no kids around!

As October comes to a close, I wanted to remind everyone that partners find a lot of breast tumors. My husband and I are having a nice long talk about this subject, and I want to make sure that he knows how important it is that he pays attention to my boobies a good bit. Maybe I’ll enjoy the extra attention, but most importantly it will be amazing to know that he could save my life!

I found a nice video that you can watch along with your husband to give him some tips on helping you save your TaTa’s.

So why not teach your husband more about breast exams, and grab some Breast Balm for a nice breast massage. This product got some good reviews, and is organic. I can’t wait to try it for my monthly sore boobies.

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You were designed to do great things!

I love to tell my children that they are designed to do great things by an amazing God. They start glowing when I tell them this, wouldn’t you?

When is the last time someone told YOU that you were designed to do great things? I was on an amazing training call this past weekend and that’s the overwhelming idea that I keep hearing in my head.

Some days we all feel like that we are just some kid’s mother, or someone to wash the dishes. The reality is that you are more than just some kid’s mother. You inspire that child every day in some way or another. You may be the future president’s mother! What if your child finds the cure for cancer? Or better yet, what if your child has a grandbaby for you?! That’s what I’m looking forward to!

You are someone that God designed to do something special. You know deep down in your heart what that special thing is. Today it may be giggling with your toddler and tomorrow it may be inspiring someone to live the life they were designed for, you never know.

Take today to pray about what God wants you to do with your future. Ask him for guidance. Make a list of the things that you come up with that you want to accomplish. Then I want you to make a to do list with what you need to do to get there. This is going to be a long list. But do it. It’s worth it.

Now Today work on 1 or 2 things on that list. Even if making the list is one of those things. Now I want you to take this step every day. Accomplish one more thing that moves you closer to doing what God has designed you to do.

Share this with the world! Share your dreams. Tell your family and your friends and especially tell God. You WILL find a way! When you get God involved, your dreams will be bigger than you can imagine right now.

This is my prayer for you, to push through your obstacles and grow into what God wants you to be, live your dreams!

Hello! I’m over here!

Shelley came looking for me last week because I’m just lagging behind. I’m past my back problems and I think TMJ has decided to settle down.

So here I am, I’m back. You are certainly going to hear more from me over here. I have a plan. I’ll try to share later, but I have a plan! Consistency has never been my stronghold, but I’m working on it.

Here’s the Mamavation Monday question for this week:

How would you brand your health and wellness lifestyle? How do you want others to know you in this area?

I’m working on this right now, and the biggest change I’ve made is to eliminate a lot of the medications that I’m taking and replace it with essential oils. I know, it sounds odd, but its working! I’m learning something new every day about this area, and sharing it has become a passion of mine. For someone who had a hard time doing anything outside because of her allergies, I’m telling you that I can go outside now and not end up with a migraine by the end of the day. This is BIG stuff people!

Migraines be gone! I’m gonna lose this weight, and I’m going to PUSH through all of those things that are holding me back!!

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Save the Ta Ta’s

Please be advised that this is not a post for the faint of heart, and especially for those under the age of 18. Links in this post will take you away from this page, and to an Adult’s only store. If I were you, I’d make sure that there were no kids around!

Its that time of year again, and what made me really want to touch on Breast Cancer Awareness this year is because we just found out that a family friend has breast cancer. There really is no escaping breast cancer these days. Everyone knows someone that has fought that battle.

There are so many heroic stories out there, including my friend Tammy from Pink Stinx. Tammy’s husband found the lump in her breast during an intimate moment, while Tammy was pregnant! Can you imagine finding out that you have breast cancer while you are expecting your 5th child?! Amazing story, and amazing mother of 6 lives to tell her story.

I know that doing self exams every month is not on my favorite to do list, and a lot of months I just forget. What we forget is that men should be trained to do these exams for us. You may laugh, but a lot of lumps are found by husbands or boyfriends. Seriously, they can spend a LOT of time with the girls that we don’t.

So why not teach your husband more about breast exams, and grab some Breast Balm for a nice breast massage. This product got some good reviews, and is organic. I can’t wait to try it for my monthly sore boobies.

EdenFantasys is supporting Save the Ta-Tas by donating a portion of all proceeds of sales fromEvolved products!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness - Enter to Win $500 Prize

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