You were designed to do great things!

I love to tell my children that they are designed to do great things by an amazing God. They start glowing when I tell them this, wouldn’t you?

When is the last time someone told YOU that you were designed to do great things? I was on an amazing training call this past weekend and that’s the overwhelming idea that I keep hearing in my head.

Some days we all feel like that we are just some kid’s mother, or someone to wash the dishes. The reality is that you are more than just some kid’s mother. You inspire that child every day in some way or another. You may be the future president’s mother! What if your child finds the cure for cancer? Or better yet, what if your child has a grandbaby for you?! That’s what I’m looking forward to!

You are someone that God designed to do something special. You know deep down in your heart what that special thing is. Today it may be giggling with your toddler and tomorrow it may be inspiring someone to live the life they were designed for, you never know.

Take today to pray about what God wants you to do with your future. Ask him for guidance. Make a list of the things that you come up with that you want to accomplish. Then I want you to make a to do list with what you need to do to get there. This is going to be a long list. But do it. It’s worth it.

Now Today work on 1 or 2 things on that list. Even if making the list is one of those things. Now I want you to take this step every day. Accomplish one more thing that moves you closer to doing what God has designed you to do.

Share this with the world! Share your dreams. Tell your family and your friends and especially tell God. You WILL find a way! When you get God involved, your dreams will be bigger than you can imagine right now.

This is my prayer for you, to push through your obstacles and grow into what God wants you to be, live your dreams!

Trimming the Grocery Budget

Today I realized that I need to trim my grocery budget by a whopping 100.00! My budget is rather large in comparison to a lot of families but its still a good deal of trimming. I think it may be time to start back into my couponing routine.

I’m writing a list on what coupons I will be looking for, and start getting the Sunday paper. That means there’s a 10.00+ a month increase to our budget, just for the Sunday paper.

Blue Coupons
Creative Commons License photo credit: kyz

If I print coupons, then I need to add to my budget for ink and paper ( and really a new printer at this point).

I used to do “deals” from CVS and Walgreens now and then, but got out of it. Maybe its time to rethink my method or was it a madness! lol.

Time to dust off the old coupon binder and get to work.

How to Keep Freezer Meals Fresh for Months

As a kid I was amazed at infomercials, and did eventually talk my mom into ordering a thing or two. What really convinced her to buy one of those items was a live demonstration while we were out shopping.

Daddy was a farmer which automatically made Mama a canner.

Mama only froze one of her vegetables, because of all the food she’d lost to freezer burn when she was younger. Gone are the days of freezer burn. Today she still uses this same unit that is over 20 years old! It was well worth the money, of around 300.00 at the time.

The FoodSaver really does just that, it saves your food.

My mom has frozen corn that lasts for years! Her famous dish at almost every church or family function was her creamed style corn. It wasn’t quite as creamy as one may think, and was the simplest of dishes to make. Her secret was the FoodSaver. I can’t say that it was a secret, because she told everyone!

As soon as she cut the corn off the cob, blanched it (in the Microwave no less!) It went into the handy bags, the machine sucked all of the air out and sealed the bag, then into the freezer. Mom always used a chest style freezer with boxes of the same types of vegetable, and rotated the boxes during the year.

Why am I telling you all of this about freezing vegetables you may ask?

Because if you can store corn in the freezer for 2 years (sometimes longer), you can make sure that your Once a Month or Once a Week Cooking is safe for a few months in your freezer. No one likes to start cooking something, and then start smelling something icky! All of that money goes down the drain, and you order pizza for your family. We’ve all done it, and it always makes me sooo frustrated and mad.

Mama didn’t loose all of her hard work in the garbage because of freezer burn, and neither will you.

Believe me when I say that my Mama was very picky about her food and the quality and taste. She canned everything for many years until she found this , in her eyes and mine, priceless jewel.

The great thing now, is that you don’t have to use those pesky rolls of bags if you don’t want to. They offer precut and sealed bags! Mama would love these!

Today’s Tip: Super Cheap Pizza Stone

Pizza stones can be super expensive, especially the nice thick ones. I don’t think that those thinner ones work nearly as well as a thicker pizza stone. The thinner ones are available just about everywhere these days, but where do you find the nice ones?Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

For me this is the best pizza stone: Big Green Egg Baking Stone – Large It’s expensive at , but its worth it if you have that kinda money to spend on it. The quality is outstanding. I sold these things for 10 years, and never did I have one returned, I never heard of any problems with one, and to top it off most people wanted more than one. Yep even at that price!

If this is a little out of your price range, and you are making more than one pizza at a time I have a tip for that. Go to your local home and garden store. Buy large pieces, 12″ x 12″ minimum of unglazed ceramic tile. Check out that link above to get an idea of what it should look like (but most likely it will be sold square not round and that’s ok). These tiles normally run you less than 2 bucks! Yep, you could buy…let me get my calculator…..22 of these things for the price of that nice that I linked to. Now I would be careful not to get a red clay tile, but make sure that it is ceramic.

Tuesday’s Tips

I thought that I would start doing this a while back and just never did. I’m a tip person. I’m always looking for tips, and giving tips to random people. I know they think I’m weird, but hey I’m just a good “Tipper!” To me a tip is a shortcut to make something work for you instead of you working for it.

Lately I’ve seen so many things out there that I’d love to do with my time. Problem is there are only so many hours in the day and to tell you the truth I put off doing so many things as it is, that I don’t need a longer to do list than I already have.

My kids start back to school today (Tuesday) from being out for about 2.5 weeks. For me and my kids I want them to be more organized and more responsible for themselves. One of the things I’ve wanted to implement for a long time is a Launch pad. Thing is, I never found a good way to make that work. So in a moment of excitement today I told the kids to clear off their dresser or chest of drawers, and put their school things on top, along with all of the attire for the next day. Tomorrow I’ll be adding little notes for them on things they need to do when they get home. Their own little launch pad and control central.

As adults sometimes we find something that works for us, but not our kids. I tend to think they will like something set up one way, yet it doesn’t work for them because they have no idea how to use it. When implementing something to their daily routine, its a good idea to help them for at least a few weeks until it becomes a habit. If they forget about their new additional responsibility, remember that they are kids and that most adults don’t conform well to change ( at least I don’t).

Do you have a launch pad in your home? Does the whole family use it or only you? Would it be easier on your kids or spouse to have their own launch pad? Ours may be changed a few times to get it to work, but we will continue on our path until it is well known.