What are you giving up for Lent?

Chocolate Cake
Creative Commons License photo credit: Golden_ie

I’ve been thinking about Lent for a few weeks now, and I’m trying to come up with a plan. A plan to “fast” in remembrance of my Lord.

In the past I’ve given up Coke, and the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever given up was chocolate! It was so hard, because I was addicted. I don’t say that lightly either.

This year Lent means something more for me. This year I plan to give up Depression. Yeah, I know! You can’t just turn off Depression.

The source of Depression is stress. When you remove stress, depression will leave, right? Okay, work with me here.

So one of my stressors is money. Money is one of those things we all stress out about. So my husband and I are working on this together. We are working with Mvelopes.com for a budget to cut out the fat! I’m also working from home to increase our income. Its funny how you have to spend money to make money, but I’m working on a way to fund that too!

Counting my Joy daily.

If you haven’t read this book “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are“, then I highly recommend that you get it NOW! lol! I have never felt so ungrateful for everything in my life. But I’m making a vow to God that I am going to find Joy in my every day life. Finding Joy every day of our lives is so important. If we can’t look at our children’s smiles and thank God for them, or even for the dirty dishes…then we are going to reap the stress and depression that comes with not being grateful to God who gives us everything.

So you have never celebrated Lent?

One of the things that Lent does, is brings you much closer to Him. Every time you start to crave a piece of chocolate, say a prayer. Ask for strength to resist the temptation. Thank Him for giving you strength. When you pray 10 times the first day over a piece of chocolate, guess what happens? You get closer to God! It’s really that simple.

On day 15 when you are invited to a party where they have the most amazing brownies, what do you do? You pray for strength! You politely say no thanks to the hostess and grab a bottle of water instead. Then guess what? You get a little stronger in your faith that God can get you through this season!

Wait, we forgot about Easter parties! Think of all the chocolate that you may buy for your kids! Oh wow! I remember getting out bags of my favorite chocolate candy that night. I wanted a piece, but I knew that I could wait. After weeks of nothing chocolate passing my lips, I prayed. It was so easy, because God and me…we got close! Closer than I was months before! Yep, chocolate brought us together! ha! I would have never thought that.

On Easter morning I did eat a piece of chocolate, and I didn’t even enjoy it. I cheered with God! I broke through my chains of bondage and stepped out to grow my faith and my relationship in Him!

“You can do all things through Christ”

Join me in this time of Lent this year starting on Ash Wednesday February 22 and ending on Easter Sunday April 7th. I want to celebrate with you on Easter as we realize that we have broken those chains of bondage, are you with me?

Wrapping up Halloween

I Need a Bag Makeover

As many of you know, my husband was in the hospital twice right after we were married. During the first trip my purse was left in the car, with chocolate in it!

Well when the chocolate melted, it ended up seeping through the seams! YUCK!!!

Pretty much, the thing is ruined! But I do have a chance at redemption!!!

I entered the Bag Makeover Contest by Lill Studios. They are giving away a set of bags, which I could totally rock! So what I’m asking for, is for you to vote for me.

Vote Here

It only takes a second to vote, and you can vote daily. We have a couple weeks to get to the top and then its in the judges hands.

I really appreciate your vote, and yeah I’ll be reminding you!

My First Not Me

I’ve thought about joining Not Me Monday for well over a year now, but Menu Plan Monday always got in the way. Now that I’m posting my menu over at Family Foodies, I can write Not Me Monday! Yippee! This is way more fun anyways…well maybe! lol

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I’m going to give you 3 short stories or scenarios, pick which one you think really happened.

1. I didn’t pull my step son’s way too big hand me down shorts way up on his chest this weekend, tie a towel around his neck as a cape and coach him into pretending that he was a super hero (running around with his hand in the air like he was flying.) And no, that step kid did not enjoy it even if he is 9 years old and way too young for capes!

2. After being mad at my husband for several days, I never would have slapped him in the face, only to miss the mosquito that was devouring him.

3. There was no way in the world that I played dress up with the girls on Saturday, put makeup on them and myself so as to look like baby dolls. I would never do that sort of thing, because pink hair is so not me!

So now, tell me what’s true or rather what’s not me!

This and That

Are you ever a grouch, for no apparent reason? I just had one of those moments. I make a small amount of money on this blog, and I had a specific purpose for that money in my account from the last month. Well, the breaks on the Tahoe are going out, and well…we saved about 66% buy ordering the part and using PayPal. Guess what…most over half of my money is gone.

I’m happy that we had the money there, but it was my personal money going toward something that I didn’t want, but something we had to have. Is that lame or what? I was more upset about me not being happy to get my ‘cool purchase’ in the mail, than for my family to be safe. Where are my priorities?! God quickly reminded me.

Today its raining for the first time in a couple weeks, that’s not normal here. It’s feeder bands off of the tropical storm out in the Gulf of Mexico. I will be inspecting for oil on everything when this is all over.

I’m nervous. I think that it will be Wednesday before I find out the answer to a BIG question in the back of my mind. I’m nervous for a lot of reasons. If the answer is yes, I’ll be sharing what the question is all about.

Shall I continue to do Menu Plan Monday? There are a lot of good reasons for me to share my menus, but if I don’t link to Organizing Junkie almost as soon as the post is up, my link is lost and therefore I don’t get nearly as many readers as normal. The problem…its the summer and we sleep in almost daily. Monday morning at 8am is pretty early for someone not used to those hours of operation anymore.

Modesty + Style + Plus Size Fashion

I’ve been thinking a lot about modesty lately. I’m not a really stylish kinda girl, but I’d love to be. The problem with putting the whole outfit together and it being all three things is pretty hard for me. For something to fit and be modest, style doesn’t really shine through for me, or its modest and cute, but it doesn’t fit…you get the picture. Hot, steamy Alabama requires things to be pretty breathable and layers really aren’t a good thing here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Avoir Chaud

As a plus size mama of 3 +2 kids, I know that I’ll never be a skinny girl. I’ve got to find my way to embrace this, and let my true colors shine through. Being curvy has its advantages, especially that my wonderful husband embraces my every curve! πŸ™‚ Now to find a way for me to do the same thing.

Have I rambled enough yet?! ok ok, leave me some comments with your ramblings or thoughts about my ramblings. This and That. you know what I’m talking about!

Please Help!

This weekend my step daughter was in a bit of trouble. She had tattled! I know, its that terrible thing that all kids do when they are young. Tattling is a no-no in our home. It always has been a rule, always will be.

Her dad was pretty angry, and had her sit down at the table with pencil and paper and told her to write “I will not tell on anybody for any reason ever again, so help me God.”

In her defense, it was only said once, and she didn’t have time to write it all down. She asked me to help, and we called her dad back. He got tickled because no one could remember the whole thing, but we finally got it and decided that she had learned her lesson…for today.

An hour later, we sat down to eat, and my husband hands me the paper while he’s giggling like one of our girls.

You may need to open this in a new window and zoom in to read the line she wrote.

It’s Party Time! Blis Giveaway (worth $125)

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Thanks for coming, sit a spell and I’ll whip up one of my famous Chocolate Pound Cakes for y’all!

It’s that time again! I totally spaced last year, and missed UBP9. Well I didn’t space, I was working on a new blog and thought it wasn’t a good time to get traffic to one that was about to be obsolete, kwim? Now that I think of it, so much has happened in the last year. I fell in love, got married went from a family of 4 , 1 dog and 1 cat, to a family of 7 with 4 dogs and 1 cat.Γƒβ€šΓ‚ Warmer weather is coming up, and as long as there are no more injuries, sickies or who knows what else, we will be spending a lot of time at the lake and the river here soon.


You can read more about me under the About page at the top. I will soon have a monthly “column” atΓƒβ€šΓ‚ Sensational Divas Review andΓƒβ€šΓ‚ will be blogging a little more at Eat Sweat Lose.

For a few of my most popular articles you can read:

It’s Giveaway Time!

Now on for the giveaway! I know that’s why you are here, that’s ok I still love you.Γƒβ€šΓ‚ Over the last couple months I’ve talked to the creators of Blis (Best life information system) about doing a review and giveaway. Life, specifically wedding, interrupted. So here we are with a fabulous offer!

I have been searching for an electronic Control Journal/Household Planner for years. Let me tell you, there’s just not anything out there that puts everything together on one page….until now! Blis has it all! I can access it from anywhere, it doesn’t need to be loaded to one computer…I can login from my phone! and there is a print version! How about that!

Just because I think you should know, here are some details:

  • Full Calendar with Day, Week + Month Views
  • Email Reminders
  • Create, Edit + Save To Do Lists
  • Plan + Save Vacation Details
  • Plan + Save Party Details
  • Easily Link To Websites
  • Menu Planning + Grocery Lists
  • Electronic Recipe Box Storage
  • Track Online Purchases
  • List Gifts To Purchase
  • Organize Household Contact Information
  • List Emergency Information
  • Record Home Inventory Room By Room
  • Maintain Household Appliance Records
  • Record Home Updates + Repair Information
  • List Service Provider Information
  • List Service Provider Information
  • Track Warranty Expirations + Household Safety Checks
  • Track Automobile Information + Records
  • Organize Account Records
  • Organize Medical Records For Each Family Member
  • Track Medical Histories
  • List Favorite Restaurants, Favorite Websites + Books To Read
  • Child Care Worksheets
  • Print Labels
  • Upload Pertinent Documents, Pictures + Receipts
  • Detailed Address Book
  • Multi-User Friendly + Remote Access
  • Multi-Home Record Keeping Ability
  • Import Contacts from Outlook & iAddress Book
  • Export Calendar events and contacts to Outlook & iCal
  • Can you believe that everything is packed into one place? I sure couldn’t, so yep I tried it out. Unlimited to-do lists would allow me to set up all of those holiday routines that I always have to dig up from the pit of despair. What I really love about this system, is that two sisters created it out of need. They are mom’s and needed a way to keep up with work, homes, kids and everything else that comes along with life. These ladies are the best, so professional, yet personable just like Blis.


    The ladies at Blis have offered us here at Polka Spot Farm a certificate for one of our readers to enjoy Blis for 1 whole year! That’s $125.00 value! To win this is what you need to do:

    • Comment with your top reason of needing and electronic home planner (1 entry)

    • For extra entries you can follow me (by mail, in your reader, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Fan page or Networked Blogs) each one earns 1 additional entry

    Giveaway will be closed at Midnight CST on April 16th. I will announce the winner on April 17th.

    Be sure to tell your family and friends about the great giveaway too! I hope that I see y’all soon!

    **The opinions in this post are 100% my own, I was not paid in any way to write this post**

    It snowed!

    Snow Storm Cows

    I learned a new Photoshop trick!



    This picture is something I took a couple years ago. I was reading through some photography stuff today and found a new to me trick! Its actions in photoshop! I quickly went and found some free ones to try out and eventually came up with this:



    You have your resolutions then there’s a turn in the road

    Some of us have resolutions, some have goals, some just have dreams. This time of year a lot of us are trying something new, or even something old for yet another time. You get a few days into things and the new has worn off, you get a phone call about a sick kid or you are sick yourself. How can you keep up your exercising when you can’t stop blowing your nose? Your kid needs you, right? No one else is helping with the organization you just finished, so why bother…

    Maybe its time to reevaluate.

    Just remember that YOU matter. You didn’t make these promises to yourself so that something can get in your way. you bought new running shoes, organized the pantry, planned out the next month for activities for your goal so that you can see a difference. YOU wanted this for you, your family, someone else? Has that changed? I really doubt it.

    So get your big girl panties on and stick with it! You can do this!