Bible in 90 Days

I’ve joined a challenge where we all read the Bible in 90 days, yep the entire thing. I was almost finished with my book and was looking for something new and came by this challenge. My husband is going to be joining me on this journey also. I’ll update on my progress as I go along. If you would like to join run over to Mom’s Toolbox and catch up with us!

Now I’m off to bed so that I can finish Day 1 and get a start on Day 2.

Father’s Day Reccomendation: Swiss Army Knife

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Swiss Army. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband loves camping. In fact we’ve been twice in just over a week. He’s a great fisherman, but when you combine fishing and camping he’s in heaven!

This last camping trip was a family event with 6 kids and 6 adults. There were 5 tents and lots of gear. My husband’s family is so innovative and built not one but two stands for lanterns. These men were roughing it even when they didn’t have to!

As much as this trip was a great bonding time for the family, the guys taught the kids so much about the great outdoors. With 3 dad’s at our campsite, they had their work cut out for them, but all of them were prepared.

For this father’s day, I’m thinking that these 3 dads would love to receive the Swiss Army Dual Pro X. Its a great tool for any outdoor situation, and I know the men of our family would love to carry this on our next big camping trip.

Wanna compete for $25,000 from Swiss Army? Then go like their Share the Adventure Facebook Page! I’m surely gonna do this, and pass it on to my husband. Maybe we could buy a camper so mama can have a shower and a/c on our camping trips then! lol!

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Ponderings of Recent Days

I sit here tonight all alone. Its been a really long time since I’ve not had someone at home with me 24/7. my husband flew out on Sunday for a job. We don’t know how long he will be gone. School is out, and the kids left for their dad’s today. Earlier than I had expected, I’m alone.

Its time for bed, and all of the troubles of my life come rushing in. A conversation with my 12 year old son echos in my head. He doesn’t want to be home schooled again. He says that I’m not a teacher and I’m the reason he’s behind now. A blow to my self esteem if there has ever been one.

afternoon tea in the sun

Creative Commons License photo credit: Melissa Gray

Falling back into bad habits.

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing research, learning new things and generally not being domestic what-so-ever. I love learning, its a wonderful addiction. But yes, its an addiction. I have fabric sorted by color on my sofa that needs a home, a couple baskets of laundry that need to be folded and put away. At least 2 loads of my own clothes the be washed, not to mention linens. Geez! My habits are horrible!

I’ve been sleeping late, and staying up very late. I’ve never been a night owl, but for the last 18 months, I can’t sleep normal hours. I end up sleeping 4 hours, getting up for a few hours, and back to bed for another 4. No, its not conventional. I won’t even mention my midnight snacking. πŸ™

Unreachable Goals

I set goals all the time. I just never seem to reach those goals. Am I being to hard on myself? I think not. I really don’t like goals. I love how others can use them, but they just don’t work for me. When I write out a to do list, if there are more than 3 things on it, just don’t worry about me getting half of it done! It’s horrible isn’t it?!

I really want to be a WAHM, and so far I’m loving what I’m learning on a new WAHM Forum that I’m on. I get a lot of support, and the ladies there are so friendly, its like I’ve been there forever. Making enough money to stay at home with my kids is my goal, but how much is that exactly…I really don’t know. What would it take for you to stay at home with your kids?

Creative Commons License photo credit: delphaber

Is there really balance?

I’ve struggled to find balance since I became a mom. I’m not sure that balance exists. What I’m coming to realize is that instead of balancing work and play, you must join them. Add the kids to the work, and add mom to the play. Let the kids help with your WAHM projects. Teach them what you are doing, so that they can do it also. Work with your husband on what he enjoys, and find a way to use that time for yourself. Does this make sense at all? There is no balance, there is just life and how you live it.

Field Trips for All

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Lunchables. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last Friday, my two son’s were both on field trips for their history classes. I went with my 4th grader to the Alabama state capital, Montgomery. We had a blast really, although it was a really long trip. The kids learned a lot from this little adventure, and I’m so glad that the teachers arranged it so well.

I remember several of my field trips over the years. I took a similar one to our capital when I was my son’s age. We always learned new things. Once at the Sea Lab, we learned exactly what the lens in your eye is like, by dissecting a squid. I love our area, because its so rich in history and wild life, and field trips always helped with that.

Field Trips For All is the first effort from the Lunchables Team’s new initiative called Project Potential. Aimed at empowering kids with opportunities to help them reach their full potential, Project Potential will provide enriching experiences kids might otherwise not have.

According to a 2009 report from The American Association of School Administrators the number of school districts eliminating field trips will increase by 56% That’s more than 30,000 schools!!!

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Go nominate your favorite classroom, I’m going to nominate my daughter’s 2nd grade class how about you?

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Scott!

Today my husband is in the hospital with kidney stones. Right now we are getting ready to go downstairs to have them burst to bits by some fairly cool sound wave technology.

they are here…bye!


He’s out, and doing better. He is in pain, but he’s dressed, walking around and ready to leave. Now for lunch and home!

How do you do it?

For the last oh….6 weeks I’d dare say, it seems like there is an evil force that’s just trying to tear my life apart. If you haven’t been reading, or realized all that’s going on here’s a partial, and yes I do say partial, list.

  • Everyone in our home had a virus…at least twice.
  • 4 trips to the ER including 2nd and 3rd degree burn to my husband the night before our wedding, dehydrated kid from virus, and kidney stone
  • Flower lady couldn’t do wedding flowers.
  • Ring Lady…should be a separate post and may be in the future. (they got here a couple hours before the wedding)
  • honeymoon consisting of our own bed with half the couple very medicated
  • husband can’t remember most of our ceremony, and pics make him looked high…he was high and wrapped up.
  • Friday before the wedding, my mom and her side of the family….disowned me. My wedding plans came to a hault0’s
  • I had 7 family members at my wedding.
  • Did I mention my husband was drugged…
  • Several nights going to bed feeling neglected, while taking care of a sick husband.
  • Money…or the lack there-of. My husband has been un-employed since November and is only drawing partial unemployment from the state of Alabama…yeah.
  • Mom went into the hospital with kidney stones and severe kidney infection.
  • Scott’s aunt went into the hospital with internal bleeding
  • Mom’s 1st cousin and his wife (both in their 70’s) were in a terrible accident where both have around 25 broken bones and severe head trauma, not expected to make it thus far.
  • Scott’s cousin was in a fight and pushed down and 60 ft. Cliff, hit his the back of his head and the side of his face on things…2 different ER’s for him.
  • 3 Family members with threat’s of Cancer.
  • Oh yeah, did I mention that my husband slept through most of our honeymoon because of the pain meds he was on? or the part where we had to sleep in separate beds because he was in the burn unit because of infection in his burn site?
  • Seeing someone with 80% burn to their body…in one ER

How have I dealt with this you may say…well its not easy. I’ve cried, I’ve prayed, I’ve asked for prayer. I have faith in my God and my husband. I’ve slept when my husband can sleep, even if it is in the middle of the day, I slept when I knew the nurses were taking care of him, and I was too exhausted to know they were even in our room. I’ve gone without meals, without noticing only because there was too much going on to care.

There are a few things that I have learned and that is that God will never put you through anything that you can’t handle. A woman is like a tea bag, put her in hot water and she only gets stronger. Satan can’t get the best of me, because I’m the princess of the greatest King there ever was or will be. I have a great network of God-fearing friends all over the world that have prayed me through a lot of rough times, and they continue to pray for me daily.

I’m thankful to my family, my new husband especailly, my new inlaws, my God and all of my friends worldwide.

Nothing stopped our wedding when it very well could have, if we were not believers and so determined to get married. Nothing can tear our family apart because we are devoted to God and each other. It may be hard, but its nothing that faith and Prayer will not get us through.

Scott n christi

14 Days and Counting

In 14 days there will be bells ringing! Yes, I do have bells for people to ring. I’ve been fretting over things, answering this person and that person’s questions. Mostly my mom and his mom. When someone asks if they can help with anything, I don’t know what to say. There is a lot to be done, but I don’t want to fret. My house needs to be cleaned, some paint applied, some weeds pulled. I don’t really think anyone wants to help with these things, do you?

As far as the wedding things go, I’m open. I want things simple. I’m not opting for the florist to deliver flowers, but to pick up a few boquets of flowers and scatter them about in a hap-hazard way, that doesn’t require a lot of thought.Γƒβ€šΓ‚ Yeah, I know I’m crafty like that! lol! But really, my mom and her sisters are crafty and I hope that I can leave a lot of those things up to them.

I simply don’t want a lot of fuss. My house isn’t perfect, it is getting older and needs work. Do you think my guests will mind? Well if they do, they need not look. My decorating sense is not that of my sisters, or anyone else that I know. I have no decorating sense really. Are our wedding guest coming to see my house! GASP! I hope not!

Our intentions on having our wedding here at home, is so that we can share our home, our wedding, our family and our love.Γƒβ€šΓ‚ There will not be an abundance of lamb chops and fish, or anything fancy to eat. There will not be a wedding cake….but cakes that are family favorites. Of course there will be a few things that are traditional, a few things that I want, but for the most part everything will be simple.

A simple wedding for a simple couple. In some ways this is simple, and others it is hard. I’m letting go of other people’s dreams to have my own. Some will find this amusing. I’m a pleaser to an extent. I’d love to please my mother by having an outlandish church wedding on a shoe string budget, but guess what? its not happening that way. We do have a shoe string budget, but it isn’t outlandish and isn’t a church wedding. I’ve rarely seen myself in a church wedding. I’ve always seen myself standing by an oak tree in my wedding gown. Right now that oak tree has a horsey tire swing and multiple ropes and brown ribbons hanging from its branches. I’m not sure that I’ll even remove those πŸ˜€

By having simple decorations, and simple surroundings we hope to bring out the conversations that capture the spirit of our families. I want to see smiles and hear laughter. I want to see my kids playing chase, or jumping on the trampoline. We are opting for the two larger dogs to be away from the guests because they would love to jump on the tables and play, but the new puppy may get to stay for the fun.

I want to be pulled into conversations so that we don’t leave our loved ones too soon. I’d love to stay up until the sun greets us in the morning, but I know that we will be fast asleep from all of the excitement of the days before.

After a bit of a devotion tonight, I know that God doesn’t want me to worry over the details. He wants us to praise him in everything we do. That includes our weddings. If I were too busy that morning, putting all of the finishing touches on things, I know that I would be snappy to our wonderful children. God doesn’t want that, so I vow to keep that from happening. I vow to make this wedding simple and enjoyable for all of our family and friends.

Another day in Public School

I’ve not been happy having my kids in public school since day one. This morning takes the cake.

On Friday, my son came home with a bite mark on his wrist. I asked what was wrong and he told me the story. The other little boy wanted something that he had, and bit him. I don’t mean a pre-schooler. I mean the 10year old football prodigy in his 4th grade class.

My son is a screamer. If you tickle him, hold him down, thump him he screams and squeals. You can hear him all over the place.

I sent pictures of my childs arm, and the account of the inccident to the school by email Friday afternoon.

I received a reply. Of course I was called by the wrong last name. That ticks me off. My ex and I were never married, and the vice principal knows that. My name was at the bottom of my original email also. But past that I was told that my son never screamed, asked for help, and no other kids were involved (aka. pulled the biting kid off of my son)

If I bit you, would you scream? If you bit me, I’m gonna scream and more, especially if you are laying on top of me. I wouldn’t ask you to stop, you stop and things would be ok until my mother saw the mark on my arm nearly 4 hours later.

Where was the PE coach, I have no idea. Since my son didn’t scream, he didn’t know anything was going on. Hmmm…. Come to find out our school has a new vice principal…the PE coach. I never knew it, and I’m sure the rest of the parents in the school don’t know it…not all of them, not the majority.

The biting child also happens to be the grandson of a very important person on the School Staff, who’s office is within feet of the principal and vice principals’ offices. Hmm…

I’ve done homeschool before. I’m not convinced that I can handle all three of my kids every day for school, but I’m getting more and more convinced every day that it is my best option for the future. Please pray that I find an answer.

Grinch to Happy in 1 Daisy Scout flat

I’m a Girl Scout Leader this year. It’s my first year and Saturday we went on our first scout trip. Γƒβ€šΓ‚ Scott came home on Friday night, and we had the Homecoming game at school. After working all day, driving 3 hours and part of the game he decided he’d better get some sleep. So on with the Benadryl. Saturday morning we had to leave relatively early for someone who took a sleeping aid. Scott didn’t wake up grouchy really but very groggy. I proceeded to call him the Grinch for the rest of the morning. Well that’s until a little Daisy scout took to him.


The Daisy was scared to do everything. We wanted to take her picture in the corn, and she wouldn’t. So I offered to walk her behind the structure. This little Daisy had taken up with me on the Wednesday before and was such a wonderful helper, but I couldn’t convince her that she’d be safe behind the big corn. Well if you had X-Ray vision you could see Scott crouching behind the big corn structure so that he can’t be seen. Γƒβ€šΓ‚ I don’t know what it is about big fellows and little girls, but they sure do work out well for one another.


A little trip through the corn maze….



And voila! Our evil plan worked! Ha! Ha! Ha!


So next time you have a Grinch, find a frightened Daisy Scout! πŸ™‚


Orange Poppy Necklace GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

LHS Homecoming 2009

Homecoming 2009 PAK 2

Homecoming 2009 PAK 1

Homecoming 2009 Kayla 2

Homecoming 2009 Kayla 1

Homecoming 2009 Austin 2

Yep this is what we do around here at 5:30am!! GO BEARS!

Homecoming 2009 Austin 1