Homemade Laundry Detergent

I was pulling out things to make laundry detergent, and remembered about how many people ask me about my recipe. I’ve tried multiple recipes and this is the one that I have come to really enjoy. Its so simple that the kids did almost the entire thing by themselves.

Its easy to double or triple to make more, but I end up making a small batch and keep the ingredients on hand to make more when I run out…which is almost never!


Homemade Laundry Detergent

1 Bar Fels Naptha soap

1 Cup Washing Soda

1 Cup Borax

20 Drops Purification Essential Oil Blend


  1. Cut up the Fel’s Naptha bar into more manageable chunks. This can be a little harder, but just anything smaller than a whole bar helps.
  2. Use a Food processor to make the bar soap into a powder-like substance. This isn’t going to be a fine powder, think of large pieces of sand.
  3. Add Washing Soda and Borax. Pulse until mixed well.
  4. Add Purification essential oil blend. This adds an amazing scent, but helps to cut down on bacteria, mold, mildew and other things that get into our washing machine.
  5. Pour into a glass, airtight container. I use a pretty quart size jar. You want glass so that the essential oil doesn’t pull the bad stuff out of the plastic and hold it in your detergent. Always use glass to store anything that uses essential oils.
  6. Use 2-3 tsp in each load.

This recipe makes  enough detergent to wash 64-96 loads! You can normally get all of the ingredients at Walmart on the laundry detergent isle usually on the bottom shelf. My family has been more than pleased with this recipe for the past 6 months, and I don’t see swapping to the old stuff any time soon.

Do you use a different recipe that you love? Leave me a comment!


Kid’s Clothing List – Revisited



A couple years ago I shared a list that was given to me by one of the amazing ladies who works with Marla Cilley, the Flylady.  This list has helped us with our ever lasting laundry battle.

I spruced up the list a bit and wanted to share it with you in hopes that it will help you with your laundry battle as well.

What we have found that is key to keeping the laundry done in our home of 6 is to keep our wardrobes to a minimum! The fewer clothes in the wardrobe, the faster you have to get that laundry completed to keep your butts covered! lol


Go here to get your FREE PDF: Kids Clothing List

Come back and let me know what you think! I know that many of you in different climates may need to tweak it for your family, but this is a basic list to work from. Just remember that the fewer clothes you have, the less laundry you need to do!

Do you have any laundry pet peeves? Folding, putting away, re-washing clean clothes?! Come share them on this post from our Facebook page. 


Giveaway: Peppermint Essential Oil

I’m so excited to be giving away a bottle of my favorite essential oil! If you’ve been following me on Facebook the last few days, you would have seen a few of the ways that we use Peppermint oil in our home:


‎#1 Use 1 drop of Peppermint oil in a mug of hot water instead of tea. 1 drop equals 24 bags of peppermint tea!

‎#2 Use Peppermint oil to flavor your water. Great flavor and combats acid reflux!!

‎#3 Inhale Peppermint oil or from the palms of your hands to help with nausea.

There are many more ways to use this amazing oil on your skin, internally, or just from inhalation (aromatherapy)! Just watch out for new tips daily on our Facebook Page!

Peppermint is the #1 oil to have in your medicine cabinet, purse and in your first aid kit! It is one of the most versatile oils that we use in our family.

I’m giving one 15mL Young Living Therapeutic grade bottle of Peppermint essential oil this month! Its a great way to try out the oils.

Don’t wait to win! Order your bottle today from the Essential Oil Store and save!

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3 Oils to Keep on Hand This Summer


Its that time of year where its hot! Here in the south we are use to hot weather, but I’ve been seeing triple digit temps in the states north of us!

So what’s a girl supposed to keep in her purse this summer in all this icky hot weather? Essential Oils of course!

#1 Peppermint

Peppermint is the #1 most important oil to keep in your purse at all times, but the usefulness of this oil during the summer is multiplied by how many digits are on that thermometer!

  • Barbecue giving you heartburn or indigestion? Here we add a couple drops to our water or iced tea and sip.
  •  Sweating in all this heat? A few drops of peppermint in about a cup of water added to a spray bottle. Spray the back of your neck and instant cooling sensation! Ahh!
  • Traveling at night and need to stay alert? Add a drop of peppermint to a napkin and stick it in your a/c vent. Better than coffee!
  • Headache from being out in the sun? Add a drop of peppermint to your temples! Cooling and pain relief are almost instant!

#2 Lavender

Lavender oil is the 2nd most important oil that I keep in my purse. The uses for Lavender are almost as numerous as Peppermint. This is such a versatile oil, that I keep more than one!

  • Sunburn from all the time by the pool? Fill a spritz bottle with water and 20 drops of lavender oil. Spray onto sunburned area for cooling and healing.
  • Did that firework just burn you? Young Living lavender oil can be put directly on burns or open wounds! It promotes healing and kills bacteria.
  • Cranky kids from playing in the pool too much? A drop of lavender on the bottom of the feet helps promote naps!

#3 Purification

Purification is an oil that I don’t use as much during winter months, but it is certainly within arms reach during the warmer months of the year. That’s why purification is the 3rd most important oil to keep in your purse this summer.

  • Mosquitoes swarming your family? Take 20 drops of Purification oil plus 10 drops of Peppermint oil in a small spray bottle and fill with water. Spray this bottle liberally on your person and around where mosquitoes are swarming to deter the little buggers.
  • Bug bites really….bite! A drop of Purification oil helps take the sting, swelling and itching out of bug bites! This oil works amazingly fast!
  • Fleas on your dog? Add a drop of purification to your hands and rub over their coats while you are outside. You don’t want the fleas to invade your home! (note: Purification is not to be used on cats because it contains Melaleuca oil which is not safe for felines.)

These are only a few uses of each of these three very important oils that you should keep on hand this summer. To learn more about how to use essential oils be sure to get this free report! 



Hyper kid travel tip.


A couple weeks ago my kids and I spent the weekend at my mom’s. It was Memorial Day weekend, and with being only an hour from the beach we decided to take a short day trip.

First we had to pick up new sunglasses and t-shirts, then an hour for lunch. Next thing we knew we’d been in the car off and on for a few hours. This is not a good thing with young kids, but I thought that my “older” kids would be okay.  Then I heard this:“Stop licking me!”


My 12 year old, you know the one that is a bit hyper from time to time. Especially when he’s been around silly girls and locked in a car for a while…well the things he does just amaze me! My 12 year old was licking his sister!

This child has never been diagnosed ADHD, ADD or any of the other things that kids can be labeled with that show hyper activity. But then again, I don’t really like to label my kids. This doesn’t mean that sometimes I wish that I had something to keep the kid from making me climb the walls.

I knew what I had to do. I had my bag of magic tricks with me, and decided to pull out my secret weapon. This little bottle of Peace & Calming was going to save lives. Well maybe not lives, but it was going to save my sanity for a few more hours.

I placed 1 drop of Peace & Calming essential oil blend on a napkin (you know you have those from fast food joints stashed in the glove box). Then I stuck the napkin in the vent while the a/c was turned on.


My kids knew exactly what I was doing! So they all squealed like only tweens can do, and held their breath. Of course they took a deep breath when that was done, and inhaled the aroma of Peace & Calming.

In 5 minutes, my 12 year old son was all  mellow and my mother just looked over at me and smiled.


A year ago, this would have never been the case. My 12 year old would have been on everyone’s last nerve before we ever made it to the beach. My teenager would have been begging to go home, and I would have had a migraine. That’s before I was introduced to Young Living oils.

The effects of this great oil blend are astounding! Everyone enjoyed their trip to the beach, and were very relaxed on the ride home. I didn’t remove the napkin until we were in the drive.

Some other great ways we use this oil blend in our home are to help get over bad dreams. We use one drop and rub it into the child’s feet, and then I put a drop on their wrists. Minutes and they are back to sleep. Speaking of sleep, this helps everyone get a good nights sleep, with just a drop on the feet. Someone having a temper tantrum? Same technique and you can calm a screaming child, or even a child who bumped their head.

The list is endless of how you can use this God Made weapon against stress and hyper active kids!


If you are interested in trying out Peace & Calming for your hyper child, you can get your own bottle in the Polka Spot Farm Store. 


Combating Stress and Depression


Christi Daugherty

A few weeks ago I decided to give up depression for Lent. I’ve done pretty well, although some days are tougher than others. Like today. As you can see by the picture above, my life can get a little hectic, especially with all of the kids at home. I love my big family, but some days can really test a mama’s sanity!

Some of the biggest symptoms that I have to deal with are migraines, sleeping way to many hours or sleeping not enough hours. I’m not sure which one of those is worse on my family. What I can share is how I have dealt with some of these things over the past few weeks, and some for months.

My biggest ally is my tub! My tub is my biggest escape from stress. Add some aromatherapy and it can be bliss! One of my favorite essential oils is Joy. Can you imagine just a couple drops from a little brown bottle making all the difference in your day? Well this one really makes a huge difference in me when I’m having signs of depression. I wear this one as purfume on most days, but on those extra hard days I do something special.

What you will need:

  • 5 drops Joy Essential Oil Blend
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Unscented Body Wash

Take these 3 ingredients and whip them with your mixer until they become a nice, thick bath foam. Add a couple table spoons to your bath and relax! Store in a glass container.


Some of the other oils that I have been using are Stress Away Roll-on, Peace and Calming, and En-R-Gee.

When I’m having one of “those moments” where I really just want to scream, I grab my Stress Away Roll-On and roll in across my wrists. I like to smell this one because its a warm vanilla scent. It almost instantly calms whatever is going on in my head. I can’t speak highly enough about this oil blend! I want to sniff it all day! And sometimes I just uncap it and take a nice whiff. Its so luxurious!

Peace and Calming is an oil blend that we have been using to calm my daughter from her nightmares and get her back to sleep in the middle of the night. I take a drop and rub it into her feet and on her wrists. She likes to keep her wrists near her nose so that she can inhale the scent, which calms her until she can fall asleep. Normally this only takes a few minutes. So mama keeps this one on her bed side table for the same exact thing. I use this oil almost every night on myself to help me sleep. Or when I wake up in the middle of the night and cant’ seem to calm my brain from talking to itself.

Now on those nights that I’ve been up reading the Hunger Games Trilogy or just can’t seem to get enough sleep, I use En-R-Gee. You know that mama’s work is never done, so I certainly need a pick me up. I can’t say that this oil smells amazing to me, because it doesn’t. Not to start with anyways. It takes a few minutes, then I start searching for that yummy scent. A lot of oil blends are like that, kind of like perfume they change with your body chemistry. Anyways, on to the story. When I use this oil blend, I kinda look back at my day and see all of the extra things that I’ve done without noticing that I had that much energy to do them. I don’t feel like I’ve drank one of those energy drinks that everyone is talking about, or even a cup of coffee. I just have natural energy that helps me get through the day. I just have to make sure that I don’t use this too late in the day, or I will be reading until 4am again!

I can’t say enough about these oils and combating my depression. It has helped tremendously. The hardest thing for me is to remember to pick them up and use them. I keep these and a few more sitting in places that I know I will use them most often. I keep En-R-Gee on my desk, and Peace and Calming beside my bed. I think that is what’s essential to using them when you need them most, keep them handy. It’s always the simple things, right?


You can find all of these oils on the Depression Relief Page.

Time for Change

The only thing that remains constant is change. Or at least that’s what I’ve always been told. Here in Alabama, spring is in the air. I can almost smell the chocolate Easter candy! (oops did you give up chocolate for Lent?! sorry!) The kids are wanting to stay outside to plan a garden in the afternoons, or play baseball, or even just to hang out. I can’t blame them with the warm breezy days.

For me the world is covered in pollen! So I stay inside a lot, but its hard to resist being out in this great sunshine we are having, or sitting out on the back porch with one of the spring showers we get a lot of days. Don’t you love spring showers?!

Anyways, with Spring upon us here I’ve gotten to thinking about doing a lot of changing. Growing. I gave up stress for Lent. You know what, I didn’t think I could do it. Especially with one kid getting hurt at school and requiring emergency dentist and hospital trips. That was a pretty stressful day, but you know I stayed in control and tried to laugh at the folly of it all. I think that I did pretty well.

Growing. We are wanting to move our garden this year. The kids are preparing a tomato bed. Using composted hay and cow manure must be quite fun for the 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. They’d rather play with that in the afternoons than watch TV! Amazing huh?! As for me, I’d really like to try to do a raised bed this year. But we are just in the planning stages right now. I’m trying to find some old lumber so that I don’t put a lot of money into it, because if we like it I can add to it next year right?

Moving. For about a year I have really tried to move. As a family we all fought a move out of state, but for me I thought it would be best. I didn’t want to change. I really didn’t want to. I even tried to start a new blog. It just doesn’t work. So I’m in the process of changing this blog to something that I love and moving the new content from the newer blog here. Changes are something that I don’t like. Especially when I haven’t thought everything through. And believe me I’ve been thinking about this for 6 months. Just coming back to where I began. Well not really…I began several blogs, but this is home. So you will start to see a lot of changes here.

Learning. I have so many things that I’m learning about right now. I’m learning and teaching about essential oils. I can’t tell you how much I love these oils! I’m learning about how to use oils for more than just making the house smell good when I clean, which is all I really knew they were good for.

Teaching. Teaching my family and friends and just about anyone who will listen (or read) about how to use oils for things like migraines, allergies, skin conditions, ear infections, pink eye, etc…Really I could go on and on. I promise I will be teaching you these things if you are willing to listen er..read. In fact, I’m finishing up an e-book on how to use essential oils for migraines. Its been a life changer for not only myself but for my whole family.

Is it time for changes in your life? Do you feel the start of spring and think that its time to turn over a new leaf? I can’t wait to hear what changes you are making!

Giveaway: PrintRunner Postcards

I have a great giveaway for you! PrintRunner is an online printing company who has agreed to give one of Polka Spot Farm’s readers 100 Postcards! This is great way to make some quick thank you postcards with a family picture, or maybe to plan a birthday party. I know that you will come up with something amazing, right?
I have always wanted to print postcards with all of my smiling kids on them just to send out to family and friends for no reason. Yep, I’m random like that! I think that aunts and uncles would love to see something like that pop into their mailbox this spring!
So here are the deets:
Details of the giveaway prize: Postcards

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Entries are easy with Rafflecopter and I will be announcing a winner on Monday! So please get your entries in quickly!

Thank you to PrintRunner for providing us this giveaway, I will receive a set of postcards for hosting this.

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What are you giving up for Lent?

Chocolate Cake
Creative Commons License photo credit: Golden_ie

I’ve been thinking about Lent for a few weeks now, and I’m trying to come up with a plan. A plan to “fast” in remembrance of my Lord.

In the past I’ve given up Coke, and the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever given up was chocolate! It was so hard, because I was addicted. I don’t say that lightly either.

This year Lent means something more for me. This year I plan to give up Depression. Yeah, I know! You can’t just turn off Depression.

The source of Depression is stress. When you remove stress, depression will leave, right? Okay, work with me here.

So one of my stressors is money. Money is one of those things we all stress out about. So my husband and I are working on this together. We are working with Mvelopes.com for a budget to cut out the fat! I’m also working from home to increase our income. Its funny how you have to spend money to make money, but I’m working on a way to fund that too!

Counting my Joy daily.

If you haven’t read this book “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are“, then I highly recommend that you get it NOW! lol! I have never felt so ungrateful for everything in my life. But I’m making a vow to God that I am going to find Joy in my every day life. Finding Joy every day of our lives is so important. If we can’t look at our children’s smiles and thank God for them, or even for the dirty dishes…then we are going to reap the stress and depression that comes with not being grateful to God who gives us everything.

So you have never celebrated Lent?

One of the things that Lent does, is brings you much closer to Him. Every time you start to crave a piece of chocolate, say a prayer. Ask for strength to resist the temptation. Thank Him for giving you strength. When you pray 10 times the first day over a piece of chocolate, guess what happens? You get closer to God! It’s really that simple.

On day 15 when you are invited to a party where they have the most amazing brownies, what do you do? You pray for strength! You politely say no thanks to the hostess and grab a bottle of water instead. Then guess what? You get a little stronger in your faith that God can get you through this season!

Wait, we forgot about Easter parties! Think of all the chocolate that you may buy for your kids! Oh wow! I remember getting out bags of my favorite chocolate candy that night. I wanted a piece, but I knew that I could wait. After weeks of nothing chocolate passing my lips, I prayed. It was so easy, because God and me…we got close! Closer than I was months before! Yep, chocolate brought us together! ha! I would have never thought that.

On Easter morning I did eat a piece of chocolate, and I didn’t even enjoy it. I cheered with God! I broke through my chains of bondage and stepped out to grow my faith and my relationship in Him!

“You can do all things through Christ”

Join me in this time of Lent this year starting on Ash Wednesday February 22 and ending on Easter Sunday April 7th. I want to celebrate with you on Easter as we realize that we have broken those chains of bondage, are you with me?

Bittersweet Valentines

❤ ❤ ❤ Happy Valentines Day ❤ ❤ ❤
Creative Commons License photo credit: LadyDragonflyCC – TY for 300,000 Views!!!!

Valentines is upon us, and this year as it is most years for me it is very bittersweet. My father’s 82nd birthday would have been a few days ago. Many different holidays are bittersweet for me because of my father and so many struggles that I’ve had over the years.

For many years I spent Valentines day alone, or with a girl friend. The pain that comes with this day of love is immense for those that don’t have a special someone to spend the day with, or maybe that that special person doesn’t see you in the same light, or even they are away on business or even at war. Oh boy, I just realized that I’ve experienced all of these and probably more over the years.

What I think a lot of people fail to remember is that Valentines is about love. No one said that Valentines was about love between a man and woman, right? Lust is NOT love.

My oldest son has found love. But its a very young love. It reminds me so much of how his father and I were as teenagers. Do I believe that this love with last? I believe it has great potential to last a lifetime if they treat this love as they should in the eyes of God. Mary and Joseph made it right? Yes, I may be a hopeless romantic, but I know that true love exists.

When I give my heart I give it all. Do you? Do you hold back your love? Are you afraid of being hurt? I can not tell you how heartbroken I’ve been in the past, but God healed my heart and sent me an amazing man. Although this holiday is very bittersweet for me, I have found a very happy life that is full of love. I’m surrounded by a large family that loves each other, this is more than I could have ever asked for from anyone!

I want you to take the day to remember all of your loved ones. Say a prayer for each of them, asking God for his blessings in each of their lives. Thank God for the love that he has brought into your life with family and friends. Thank God for those struggles that he has brought you through to show you what love really is.