A Year to be Thankful


This week we give thanks to the Lord for all that he has given us. What are you thankful for that you normally wouldn’t even think about?

I want to give thanks for my mother who passed away 2 weeks ago. She was such a special woman for me and my family. When I was single for all of those years, she kept my little family together in more ways that I can say. Having someone to lean on in my worst times was something that I cannot thank God enough for.

The past year had been one of my families worst. We have been in two different court systems for custody of all of our kids.  I cannot tell you how many sleepless nights we have had this year. At one point I thought that we were being punished. Now, although we are not finished with court, I thank God for our struggles. It has made me appreciate my children, step children, my husband, my marriage and those families and friends that I have found are truly on our side.

For all of these things I give thanks.

When things are tough, you learn how to do things that you never knew that you could do. My husband was on temporary disability for 6 months, and it took 8 weeks to get the first check. Budgeting became something that we had to rely on. How do you feed 2 adults and 4 kids on $50 for several days? Its hard, I won’t lie to you, but where there is a God there is a way! I am thankful that we learned to stretch our dollars as far as possible, and when they didn’t go far enough, we had amazing family and friends that helped us when we couldn’t help ourselves. Thank you God!

I am so very thankful for our health. Other than some accidents that all kids have from time to time, our kids have had only one sick child visit in almost 2 years. I thank God for our health and for guiding me toward using essential oils to keep my family healthy.

Through all of this struggle i have still managed to keep my sanity! I cannot tell you that it was easy, and its even harder after loosing my mother. I know that when I gave up stress for Lent, it prepared me for what I went through. I cannot say that I did not have stress, but I did have the skills to cope with the stress that I have never had before. I didn’t give it all to God before as I do now. I know that my God is in control¬† no matter what happens in my life. I give thanks for this!

What I want you to remember is that no matter how hard your life gets, look for something to be thankful for each day. God has given us life! He has given his son for our salvation! Be thankful this week as we remember  all of these things, but also be thankful each day as we go forward through the holiday season and beyond.

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