What have you accomplished lately?

As a housewife, do you have a sense of accomplishment? Do you feel like your husband provides everything for your family, and you just clean up all of the messes left behind?

You may feel accomplished by getting out of bed at a decent time, or making a wonderful dinner for your husband. I know that as a WAHM, I need that “W” work for me to feel as if I have accomplished anything during any given time.

Living as a single, self sufficient mother for many years, its HARD to feel accomplishment by just sitting around home all day. Even if that sitting around home includes shuttling kids to and from school, helping with homework, cleaning house, mending clothes or any of those every day tasks that we are use to as moms. When I don’t feel like I am doing something for those outside of my home or helping my family financially, I don’t feel accomplishment.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to put into a business at home. Let me rephrase that. It doesn’t take a lot of time, if you do things right. An hour here  and there throughout the week can bring in hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your home. Its all about finding what’s right for you.

For me its working with a team of Young Living distributors and talking about and on Social Media during the day. A few minutes a day…not all day. I have made money online in many different ways, but I haven’t always loved my job. Why work from home doing something that you don’t like? Well I did for years, until I found my place.

What do I do all week? I talk to people like you! Mostly housewives with kids. I talk to them on Twitter, Facebook,Pinterest,  by email and through my blog. That’s really all that I do. Most people think that I must sit at home online all day, working hard and getting a headache from my computer screen. Nope. Most of the time I don’t even turn on my computer! My iPhone is my best friend.

I sit at football practice and tweet, I Facebook from cheer practice. I connect with business partners while I’m in the checkout line. It only takes a few minutes a day, and I don’t miss anything that my kids are doing because I have to work. And for someone who use to work every weekend and miss almost every event, this mama appreciates her job that travels everywhere.

Next weekend I will be traveling to Orlando with a great group of business leaders, to learn how to do more from my smartphone so that I don’t miss the big game, or my daughter’s first dance. Gone is the day of sitting in front of a computer screen or making calls to potential customers every day.

Its a new day and age. If you don’t have a smartphone, get one. If you have one, you are ready to start working from home in only a few minutes each day. Are you watching me on Facebook or getting me in your email each week? Do it now!

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