Essential Oils For Sleep


I haven’t always had problems sleeping, but with the stress of the last 6 months my 10 year old and I have had many problems staying asleep.  We now use essential oils for sleeping.

For the past few years I have had many problems with sleeping from time to time. I’ve had both OTC and prescriptions to help me sleep. Most help for a short period of time, but nothing has worked every night. Well not until I started using this new blend of essential oils.

After having months of almost constant stress, my daughter started having night terrors. We could get her to sleep, but she would wake up from the terrors and wouldn’t fall asleep for hours, and then it was a fitful sleep. Many nights I ended up in her bed, or she ended up in my bed. This made my sleep problems compound.

For my daughter, we tried lavender essential oil. This had helped in the past to help her ease into sleep. It’s very relaxing. But it wasn’t quite what we needed for the night terrors.

In the past we had used Peace & Calming to help calm my daughter after nightmares. At the time it would take no more than 5 minutes for her to drift off to sleep. It was a life saver! I would recommend this to any and all parents who have kids of any age. Apply to the feet before bed, and kids get the best night’s sleep!

The problem with my daughter was the stress that she was under. She was basically having anxiety attacks at night. Poor kid! I started doing some research, thank God for Google and the EODR (Essential Oil Desk Reference). I found a new blend to try out.

This new blend consisted of a mixture of some of the oils we had tried earlier on. But the combination also helps with depression, anxiety and of course sleep. I knew that this would be on my next order. In fact, I contacted Young Living and ordered this new blend with the points that I saved up, and only paid for shipping. Free makes things so much better! Lol

Anyways, the oil blend that I’m speaking of is RutaVala. You can read all of the details on the oil in the store. This oil comes in a blend and a roll on version. I opted for the roll on, so that we could grab the oil in the middle of the night and roll it onto my daughter without fiddling with a bottle that may turn over and spill.

The first night, I rolled the RutaVala onto the back of my daughter’s neck, near the skull, specifically where the neck has a “hollow” spot. The same night I used the blend on the same place on myself.

The next morning I asked my daughter how she slept. There were no complaints. I had actually awoken up startled because it was daylight and my daughter had not been to my room yet. She had slept all night for the first night in weeks! And the bonus, I had also!

After she used RutaVala for about 10 days, we stopped using it nightly. We only use this on her if she wakes in the middle of the night.

Now only mama needs to use the magic sleeping oil. I get a full nights rest without many problems with waking in the middle of the night. If I do wake up, I roll on the oil as I described above and fall asleep within a few minutes, and stay asleep. Before I was sleeping for an hour, and staying awake for hours. This is helping me get to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer and I don’t worry about it interfering with the next day.

My daughter and I both wake up refreshed, and not groggy the next day! This is unheard of with any OTC or prescription medication that I have taken in the past. My RutaVala stays beside my bed, and if I need to travel, it goes right into my overnight bag.


  1. Christi ~ I am so glad you are sleeping better. I thought I would input that we use RutaVaLa in our home for Bipolar. It is used from the carotid artery up to the base of the spine and down the other side to the carotid artery again. It is just one of the oils we use but it works well.

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