Relieve Sore Muscles Naturally


This is the time of year when we start working out again. Kids are starting back to school and are not use to P.E. class, and all of those laps that they may be running. Sore muscles are something that we all deal with from time to time, and our family’s answer to sore muscles is essential oil.

My son started football practice last week. The first night his legs were so sore that he asked me what oil we could use on his legs. This is not common for him, he’s 12 and has a mind of his own.

We decided to use some olive oil as a carrier oil, and added some Peppermint oil. I massaged his legs and within a few minutes he was out of pain, and he slept like a rock.

Another application method for sore muscles is to use Peppermint oil in your bath water. Start with a handful of Epson Salt then add a few drops of Peppermint to the salts. Sprinkle the crystals under the running water and stir the tub with your hand.

The chemical makeup of Peppermint essential oil is a pre-curser to some of the modern day OTC pain killers. When I started using YL essential oils over a year ago, I experimented with my oils. Pain is the one problem that I had consistently, and Peppermint was the one oil that over delivered every time.

I now use Peppermint for pain for arthritis in my hands and wrists, sore muscles, headaches, sinus pain and so much more. The great thing about using Peppermint instead of and OTC pain killer, is that it is used topical and works within minutes, not a half an hour or longer. Oh and did I mention that there are no problems with it causing acid reflux?! Not at all, because it helps fight acid reflux instead of causing more problems like many things on the market.

Make the change to Peppermint today! 

Would you like to replace ibprophen, or those smelly chemical laden rubs for sore muscles? Peppermint is the perfect place to start making the switch to a more natural medicine cabinet.

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