Morning Routine

The way your morning routine goes really sets the pace for the day. Using essential oils every morning can help make your day go your way.

There are oils that I have beside my bed for night time use. Maybe my daughter wakes up with a bad dream, or my husband has heart burn. Those oils help us get a good nights rest, but what do we do about the next morning?

One of the first things that I do each morning is drink 3 ounces of NingXia Red.

NingXia Red is what I like to call a natural energy drink that fights back! You can read more about it in the Store.

What you notice when you have had this amazing nectar is not a surge of energy. You don’t get jittery like from all of those energy drinks that you see at the convenience store either. You get a natural energy that lasts. A few hours later you will look back and think to yourself, “Wow, I had the energy to do all of that!”

What I notice the most is that by the afternoon, if I haven’t had my “ninja juice” I am really dragging. That’s why I have this great drink every morning. The next benefit that I really love is that it contains lemon essential oil, which helps protect my body from cancer! How amazing! Please read about all of the benefits of NingXia Red in the store!

The best way to consume NingXia Red is to dilute it in water, to help keep your pH levels lowered. Start with 1 ounce a day and then drink up to 8 ounces a day. My friend LaDonna relied on this great drink throughout her pregnancy, and she is the one who really got me hooked! Heather is using NingXia Red to help with energy, and Fibromyalgia flares.

Most people drink coffee or tea in the mornings. Well, I don’t. Not the way you are thinking anyways.

Peppermint essential oil has so many benefits! Staying alert is one that I like the most. Drinking Peppermint Tea made with essential oil is much better for you than traditional tea or coffee, and the benefits are amazing. Maybe you have heard that Peppermint Tea made from leaves helps with digestion or nausea. How about this little fact. 1 drop of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil is equal to 24 cups of Peppermint Tea.

In the mornings if you add one cup of Peppermint Tea (from YL oil) to your morning routine, you may be able to reduce the amount of antacids that you have been using, stop relying on caffeine to stay alert in the mornings for your commute or test during first period, or even stop morning sickness while pregnant!

Adding these two products to my morning routine has made a huge impact to my day. I’m not nearly as grouchy, much  more productive even through the afternoon, and I have no problems with heartburn after eating the wrong thing in the mornings. (Bring on the bacon!)

Check out NingXia Red and Peppermint in the store today!



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