Combating Stress and Depression


Christi Daugherty

A few weeks ago I decided to give up depression for Lent. I’ve done pretty well, although some days are tougher than others. Like today. As you can see by the picture above, my life can get a little hectic, especially with all of the kids at home. I love my big family, but some days can really test a mama’s sanity!

Some of the biggest symptoms that I have to deal with are migraines, sleeping way to many hours or sleeping not enough hours. I’m not sure which one of those is worse on my family. What I can share is how I have dealt with some of these things over the past few weeks, and some for months.

My biggest ally is my tub! My tub is my biggest escape from stress. Add some aromatherapy and it can be bliss! One of my favorite essential oils is Joy. Can you imagine just a couple drops from a little brown bottle making all the difference in your day? Well this one really makes a huge difference in me when I’m having signs of depression. I wear this one as purfume on most days, but on those extra hard days I do something special.

What you will need:

  • 5 drops Joy Essential Oil Blend
  • 1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Unscented Body Wash

Take these 3 ingredients and whip them with your mixer until they become a nice, thick bath foam. Add a couple table spoons to your bath and relax! Store in a glass container.


Some of the other oils that I have been using are Stress Away Roll-on, Peace and Calming, and En-R-Gee.

When I’m having one of “those moments” where I really just want to scream, I grab my Stress Away Roll-On and roll in across my wrists. I like to smell this one because its a warm vanilla scent. It almost instantly calms whatever is going on in my head. I can’t speak highly enough about this oil blend! I want to sniff it all day! And sometimes I just uncap it and take a nice whiff. Its so luxurious!

Peace and Calming is an oil blend that we have been using to calm my daughter from her nightmares and get her back to sleep in the middle of the night. I take a drop and rub it into her feet and on her wrists. She likes to keep her wrists near her nose so that she can inhale the scent, which calms her until she can fall asleep. Normally this only takes a few minutes. So mama keeps this one on her bed side table for the same exact thing. I use this oil almost every night on myself to help me sleep. Or when I wake up in the middle of the night and cant’ seem to calm my brain from talking to itself.

Now on those nights that I’ve been up reading the Hunger Games Trilogy or just can’t seem to get enough sleep, I use En-R-Gee. You know that mama’s work is never done, so I certainly need a pick me up. I can’t say that this oil smells amazing to me, because it doesn’t. Not to start with anyways. It takes a few minutes, then I start searching for that yummy scent. A lot of oil blends are like that, kind of like perfume they change with your body chemistry. Anyways, on to the story. When I use this oil blend, I kinda look back at my day and see all of the extra things that I’ve done without noticing that I had that much energy to do them. I don’t feel like I’ve drank one of those energy drinks that everyone is talking about, or even a cup of coffee. I just have natural energy that helps me get through the day. I just have to make sure that I don’t use this too late in the day, or I will be reading until 4am again!

I can’t say enough about these oils and combating my depression. It has helped tremendously. The hardest thing for me is to remember to pick them up and use them. I keep these and a few more sitting in places that I know I will use them most often. I keep En-R-Gee on my desk, and Peace and Calming beside my bed. I think that is what’s essential to using them when you need them most, keep them handy. It’s always the simple things, right?


You can find all of these oils on the Depression Relief Page.

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