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Menu Plan Monday

I realized this week that not having a menu planned really had put my nutrition on the back burner (not that it was that great in the first place).

So this week I’m looking at some other menus and trying to put together something that’s easy and has enough leftover’s for lunch the next day. I’ve come to realize that there are too many days that my kids aren’t eating enough at school, and come home starving. I think I can do better with taste and nutrition when it comes to lunch that the school does, by far.

So in no particular order these are some meals I’ll be cooking this week. I don’t have a particular day, because here it always gets changed anyways.

  • A large batch of grilled chicken to be used for salads, fajitas and much more.
  • Homemade Pizza and Calzones
  • Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes
  • Cheeseburger Boat with homemade bread
  • Potato Soup with crusty homemade bread
  • Vegetarian Night with roasted Brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and anything else the kids may choose that’s a veggie (or fruit)
  • Spaghetti with homemade cheesy garlic bread

Now to get all of these recipes into my iPhone so that I don’t forget anything when I’m shopping. (LOVE this app btw!) MealBoard – Meal and Grocery Planner – Ray Bernardo MealBoard - Meal and Grocery Planner - Ray Bernardo

What season are you in?

I know that I’ve heard that there are seasons of life. Mother’s with young children know this more than anyone. I’m not a mom of young children, I’m a mom of tweens. That gives me a little more freedom.

I’m a WAHM, or work at home mom for those not used to the lingo. I started Life Essential Oils a few weeks ago, but its slow moving of course. We thought that things would be settled by now with my husband’s job, but alas they are not. The question now is what to do next?

We had a huge plan for what we were doing, but with one change in his job I realize that it may not be our season in life to do what really want to do. It kinda sucks. But, we do know that God has the ultimate plan. Sometimes its just hard to swallow.

I made a commitment to myself and a few others last night, and I’m going to keep that commitment. However there are other things that I may have to change. It’s so hard for me to commit to anything lately. My plans always get changed before I get started. I’m in a “its not fair” mood. It will change.

So what season are you in?

Wall’s to push through

This past week had one wall after another. I pushed, and pushed. But I took this long weekend off for a lot of reasons. Lee sent us a LOT of rain. NO outdoor activities or really even trips away from my house. I read most of the weekend.

I did try to change my diet a little. I have had at least 2 salads a day. I missed my salads. I even made my own salad dressing. Yay!

My video still hasn’t been shot. Rain, kids, dogs, cats…its been an interesting weekend. We still have a dog that won’t come home who’s hurt. Poor thing.

Did I mention that my computer was hacked and we had to wipe the hard drive…

This week’s Mamavation Monday is sponsored by a great company that we love. Mabel’s Labels in a wonderful company and offer an amazing product. Here’s this week’s sponsored question:

Question: How is your routine changing now that summer is winding down? Any go-to tips to stay organized?

I’m writing my goals down for the year, for the week and for tomorrow. I”m gonna get through this week much better than last week.

It’s gonna work, right?

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