Growing up

My little girl is growing up. There are only a few weeks left in 3rd grade for my youngest child. It makes those “BLOND” hairs in my head really mean something.

This is my child with spunk. She’s shy with my mother in law but can still beat up her brothers, at the same time. ( at ages 11 and 13 those boys don’t have a chance even when combining forces)

2 weeks ago before spring break, she had 2 map tests on the USA. She came home with a 96 on both tests! I was so nervous for her, but she learned those states faster than I ever could have, and I was an “A” student. Kayla struggles with a lot, or she has up until now. It seems that things are turning around.

This week she’s learning long division. wow! I think in another day or two, it will be something she enjoys. I love watching her eyes light up when she learns something new, when it really clicks.

My baby girl is my heart. She tells me things that the boys would never share. Makeup and nails, flip-flops and dresses. We have so many things in common now, and each day it seems that we find a little more.

Oh how my little girl makes my heart pitter-patter!


  1. Lovin’ the muck boots.

  2. Actionsaboutus says:

    this little girl is a beauty.

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