What Simple Living Means

When I started Polka Spot Farm, I aspired for it to be a Simple Living Blog. I may have strayed from that it seems, but in my eyes I’m learning to live a simple life.

Yep, I did get and iPhone 4. I love technology, and I don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience. For me, my phone simplify my life by taking a planner, address book and so much more out of my purse and off of my desk.apron garden
Creative Commons License photo credit: klynslis

Someone may say, “Christi, you don’t even dry your clothes on the line!” Well no, a lot of the times I don’t dry my clothes on the line. In the end it saves me money because my family uses less allergy medication when my things are dried in the dryer. With a high efficiency washer, it helps a lot in the drying costs and energy consumed.

Simple Living is more than doing everything by hand, to me its like the ergonomics of living. If its not going to make your life less complex, then why should you do it?

I’ve learned a lot about simple living, and everyone’s version is different.

  • I’ve made my own dishwasher detergent
  • I’ve made my own cleaning supplies
  • I’ve learned to cook bacon and it come out less greasy than when I used paper towels.
  • I make my own dish cloths
  • I’ve learned to preserve my clothes with an apron
  • I’ve learned that homemade bread is great, but I still love my store bought bread for PB&J
  • I’ve found recipes for things I thought I’d never make from scratch, and get excited every time one works better than the store bought version.

Do you live a simple life? Do you want to live a more simple life?


  1. I love the way you tied an apron into your post. I have three of them I use frequently.

  2. I should be sewing some this week, but just too busy!

  3. I need to start wearing aprons again, but I think it will have to wait until baby is born now. I'm a little bit big.

    I think simple living means simplifying the items in our homes. You and I have spoken about this and are working toward it. The STUFF takes away from the simple by us having to spend so much time on organizing clutter that never gets organized.

    Simple living for me includes technology as well. And aprons. But not making my own soap – too much work and not enough benefit.

    For me, simple living is not having a lot of debt. Simple living is not worrying about things – removing the worry from your life by not overspending and overbuying.

    Just a few thoughts. Thanks for posting.

  4. candipittman says:

    I need to remember to use my apron at home. I bake at a local bakery in the mornings and use them there without fail…

  5. I love simple living. It's well…simple! Once you take that step towards simplifying your life, you find that it's really easy, fun, and boy do you save money! I certainly agree with you – everyone's idea of being green or living simply is different than the next. I too still use my dryer for most laundry (we have allergy issues too, and I hate the idea of taking too many unnecessary drugs to cure them). Good for you – keep it up! Peace. 😉

    Blog Frog visiting, and following. 😉

  6. it's something I'm definitely interested in and I agree with you that it doesn't mean that everything must be done the hard way to live this kind of lifestyle. A lot of it is common sense kinda things 🙂 found your blog through blog frog 🙂

  7. Yes common sense has a lot to do with it, thanks for coming over from Blog Frog.

  8. I certainly started living more simply because of the money aspect. As a single mom of 3 there were just things that I couldn't afford and through several blogs I found out that I didn't need them.

    Thanks for coming over from Blog Frog, Michelle.

  9. Isn't it funny how when we walk in our own homes, our habits change?

  10. We need to come up with a few maternity aprons for you don't we?

  11. GlowinGirl says:

    Living on a farm growing up, so much was simple. I think those principles have bled over to my life now — gardening, cooking from scratch, limiting some of the technology in our lives. But like you, I still enjoy many conveniences. It's about balance and moderation. “'Tis the gift to be simple, 'Tis the gift to be free!”

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