My First Not Me

I’ve thought about joining Not Me Monday for well over a year now, but Menu Plan Monday always got in the way. Now that I’m posting my menu over at Family Foodies, I can write Not Me Monday! Yippee! This is way more fun anyways…well maybe! lol

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I’m going to give you 3 short stories or scenarios, pick which one you think really happened.

1. I didn’t pull my step son’s way too big hand me down shorts way up on his chest this weekend, tie a towel around his neck as a cape and coach him into pretending that he was a super hero (running around with his hand in the air like he was flying.) And no, that step kid did not enjoy it even if he is 9 years old and way too young for capes!

2. After being mad at my husband for several days, I never would have slapped him in the face, only to miss the mosquito that was devouring him.

3. There was no way in the world that I played dress up with the girls on Saturday, put makeup on them and myself so as to look like baby dolls. I would never do that sort of thing, because pink hair is so not me!

So now, tell me what’s true or rather what’s not me!


  1. Number 3 did not really happen. The others did.

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