It’s Baby Cow Season

We now have 4 baby cows here at Polka Spot Farm, and two of them have wanted a lot of attention this week already.

The last baby fell out of the fence a couple hours after it was born. We only noticed after the Mama Cow was having a fit at the back of the pasture. After a little while my husband found him down the hill in the wooded area behind the pasture. Poor thing was scared to death and calling his mama! The other cows ran toward the hysterical Mama Cow to comfort her, but the baby cow didn’t learn his lesson.

The pictures here are from the next day after the baby cow had gotten out of the fence again, but could not figure out how to get back in. He didn’t wander away, and was very cuddly when my hubby picked him up to carry him to safety.

Now if only my hubby was here every day. I’ve always heard that if you pick a cow up every day after it is born, that when it is an adult you can still pick it up..what do you think?

Our 2 week old calf is seen in this quirky little video playing around:


  1. My kids have asked to watch that video several times now. Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  2. you are very welcome! I'm glad that your kids enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoyed reading yours…very cute!!
    Big Fat Mama

  4. Well thanks! I'm glad that I found you too.

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