Menu Plan Monday

This week is gonna be one of those weeks where I try to keep busy. My husband is leaving on a plane this evening, and we don’t know how long he’ll be gone. I’m not looking forward to this one bit, but he needs the work.

I have a new project lined up for this week, its called Once a Week Cooking.

I’ve done once a month cooking (OAMC), well I never did it for the whole month because its soo overwhelming. I think that it took about 3 hours to do 5 meals last time, and then I was so proud of those meals, it took a couple months to actually decide that it was ok to eat them. Have you ever done this? That’s why I picked OAWC. I”ll let you know how it goes.

Stay at Home Summer Camp planning

One of the things that I want to start this week is working on a Summertime menu with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (or supper for those in the south) and snacks. It will be a couple weeks before the kids are all here (or any kids are here after Friday), so I have a lot of time to plan for our Mess Hall for Stay at Home summer camp.

Monday: Pancakes with Bacon

Tuesday: Chicken and Dumplings (cause I keep getting sidetracked when I start to make them)

Wednesday: I’ll be taking a Chocolate Pound Cake to church.

Thursday: First Day Out of School! Yippee! Homemade Pizza! woohoo!

Friday: Its just me 🙁 I’ll prolly eat left overs.

Saturday: I need cooking for 1 recipes, anyone have any answers?

Sunday: Grilled Chicken Salad

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