Looking back on 2009 and forward to 2010

In the past year I’ve gone through a lot of struggling, changes, heartbreak, finding love and so many other things I can’t even begin to mention. I started out in January being very heartbroken and depressed. Even though I was not happy in the situation that I was in, I never thought it would end the way it did. With medication, therapy and Jesus Christ on my side I made it through that valley and up the other side.

One of those nights when I thought I’d never date again, and when I never wanted to have any relationship with any male human again that was more than friendship a friend gave me a prayer. I prayed this prayer and within seconds, not minutes or days or even weeks, I received a message from the man I am now going to marry. Does that seem far fetched? maybe, but its true.

We dated a few weeks before we allowed the kids to meet the other and then each other. That first weekend that we were all together was on a camping trip. When kids are together for 3 days, and never say a cross word at one another you know that they can make it a lifetime. Maybe not a lifetime without fussing, but with enjoying each other as siblings. The more we were together the closer we got. Right away we knew that our relationship was different than any other we had experienced.

So now after a year, we have a house with 5 kids some of the time, 3 most of the time, and 4 days a month we get it all to ourselves. These days we are running here and there. Playing with our new addition a 6 week old poodle named Candy. Spending time with family and friends. My home is topsy turvy this week!

With the addition of 2 more children in our home, we hope to find balance and structure this year. I hope that you will follow our journey through 2010 where we will be getting married (DIY WEDDING!) and becoming a real family. Thanks for joining us thus far and have a wonderful year!


  1. misadventuresofmomof3 says:

    Happy New Year! New follower from MBC – come and visit me!

  2. misadventuresofmomof3 says:

    Happy New Year! New follower from MBC – come and visit me!

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