13 Funny things

I need to lighten things up around here so I thought I’d share some really fun things that I’ve seen, heard or done lately. In no particular order here’s 13 funny things for this week:

  1. My dog Dottie has a new trick. Picture my middle son laying on the couch, shirtless with arms above head. Enter Stage Right: My daughter with a slice of ham and Dottie following, tongue wagging. Kayla tears the ham into small pieces and puts it on Austins bare armpit. With a little cajolling, Dottie gobbles up the ham and Austin is wiggling and squealing with delight. Kayla and myself, howling with laughter as Dottie begs for more! Video will be on YouTube just as soon as they can figure out how to do that.
  2. The new puppy’s favorite cuddly spot has been found. An old soft sided lunchbox/cooler. I must take pics of this to confirm, but its adorable!
  3. One of my favorite pick-me-ups would be the website People of Walmart. Yes I’d love to breastfeed my next baby, but isn’t this a little too much?
  4. I”m thinking of writing an alternate post for my About page like Amy does here on her blog Amy’s Musings. Maybe It will include the part about me talking to and Angel the other day.
  5. Oh yeah, I talked to a very cool man the other day that I can’t seem to go an hour without thinking about. He’s very “mystical” and could possibly be a hippie/Indian/angel. Um, angel for sure! Amazing guy to say the least.
  6. I tied my fiance up and tickled him until he wet his pants. Well at least that’s what I really wanted to do, but he’s not ticklish at all. Bummer.
  7. ElfYourself. Nuff Said. So you Like Hip Hop? Ok, that one was a little silly, how about the singing one instead. Maybe you’d rather see this from that Disco/John Travolta Movie what was that again? Ok if you are up for it, this one is pretty traditional, 40’s on 4 style.
  8. How we celebrate all of this cold weather down here in the South. Go hang out at the Beach, of course!


    #8 The Southern Snowman

  9. We kinda decorated the inside of the Polka Spot Farm…do you dare check it out? ROFL! I warned you!
  10. The funniest, I’m gonna start the Couch to 5k Monday, yea! I need some cool running clothes and an over the shoulder bolder holder that will actually keep the boulders in the right place, anyone know where to look? Come Join us!
  11. I have all of these handmade ideas in my head, fabric bought for them and all and I haven’t even started! Who does that? I’m so crafty, I’ve gotten myself out of everything I planned this year! yay me!
  12. I’ve officially started my baking for the season. Wait, I keep having to change my recipes because I don’t have butter. What household goes through all kinds of butter without telling the residential chef? And who told the Pastor’s wife that 2 7 year old girls could help me make 6 dozen cookies this weekend? And how do I say no to said 7 year old girls because the Pastor’s wife said it would be ok? Hmm…
  13. I think my next trick is to paint Santa Scott’s nails in his sleep. I could do anything to him in his sleep and he’d never know it these days. It’s totally hilarious. This morning he told me that I’d made my first mistake, but not in so many words. He was pretending to be mad at me all day, and I pretended to be mad at him. It’s great to be able to yell at someone that you love and they laugh it off, cause they do the same thing to you. I’m burning so many calories laughing til I cry then crying til I laugh these days.

Happy Thursday 13!


  1. Great list!

  2. #6…..I've tried that too…hubby isn't ticklish either. That ham in the armpit is a hoot.

    My Thirteen is now posted…Find 'em HERE

  3. I think a great sister-site for Polka Spot Farm would be “Ham in your Armpit”. I'll expect royalties for that idea.

  4. I love People of Wal-Mart.

  5. I think a great sister-site for Polka Spot Farm would be “Ham in your Armpit”. I'll expect royalties for that idea.

  6. I love People of Wal-Mart.

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