Introducing Man’s Best Friend: Dottie

In early January my mom called to ask if I wanted a dog. I was like “Um, no. But, why?” We had talked about getting Payton a dog, and hoped it would help him relax and sleep at night. One of my mom’s friends found this little red and white dog, ran it in the paper, posted flyers and no one claimed her. They had her shots done, and it was determined that she was of mixed breed, and listed her as a Corgi mix (she looks like an over-sized Jack Russell terrier.

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My mom said that she wanted her, and took her to have her fixed. When I found out more details I said that I would take her. Mama didn’t want her to be put to sleep, even though my mama isn’t a dog person.

So that morning my mother delivered the dog that was perched on a large dog bed along with a bag of food and a bottle of pain pills. I took her inside to the kitchen while she was still on her pillow. She’d just been released from having her surgery.

She seemed to drift in and out of sleep, but started getting well enough to join me in the den. Within a few days she was sitting with me on the couch, although she was still in some pain. When the kids got home from visiting with their dad, they were very careful with her, and watched her closely.

We were all afraid that she would run away again, as she was a stray when she was found. Come to find out she had already given birth to at least one litter of puppies and was at least 3 years old. She was house trained, and was very dosile.

I’m not a dog person. I don’t like dogs to jump up on me, and lick me in the face. Most dogs are either too big for me to handle, or lick un-controllably. At least that is how I’ve looked at them in the past.

In time we fell in love with Dottie. I named her Dottie because on the scruff of her neck she is white with very light red dots, and I thought it would go very well with my Polka Spot theme.

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She doesn’t like men…can’t you tell? She runs to Scott as soon as he pulls his truck into the driveway. He’s the first man that she’s ever liked since we adopted her. He doesn’t like dog’s either, can you tell? I guess she isn’t a dog since we LOVE her so.

Even though its taken me months and months to write this post and take some decent pictures of her, it was worth it. Dottie is camera shy and looks away from the camera if I pull it out. So here is to our Dottie. She has really put up with us since we aren’t dog people.


  1. Cute story.

  2. Great photos.

  3. Great photos.

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